Crazed Leftist Accuses Innocent 9-Year-Old Boy Of Sexual Assault

Fact checked
Crazed leftist woman accuses innocent 9 year old boy of sexual assault

A crazed leftist woman accused a 9-year-old African American boy of sexually assaulting her this week, causing the kid to suffer emotional distress following the false accusation. 

Video shows the woman calling the police and accusing the kid of grabbing her ass at a Brooklyn deli. In the video, the little boy is seen crying. reports: Surveillance video was later released and shows the woman lying to reporters about the incident and lying to reporters about what the victims said to her.

They acre calling her #CornerstoreCaroline.


  1. Unless she has already has a mental excuse I hope the family is able to get not only a restraining order on her, but hopefully she’s placed in an institution for the delusional and isn’t released until she learns right from wrong, truth from fantasy. What a cruel thing to do to a young boy! She preyed on the innocent and vulnerable. This is why proof and evidence is required. Perhaps this will stop her lefty buddies from being imbecilic.

  2. She should be arrested for making a false report of a crime and the family should sue her for everything she’s got. This wickedness must stop.

  3. A little nigga kid would do shit like that.. they do that shit from that age.. they steal and rape at that age.. and in afniggrica they kill people at that age… so yeah… he did it…for sure

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