Independent Audit Exposes Massive Fraud In Global Warming Data

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Independent audit exposes global warming fraud

An independent audit of key global warming data used by climate models has exposed over 70 inconsistencies with the data which renders it “unfit for global studies.”

Problems include zero degree temperatures in the Caribbean, 82 degree C temperatures in Colombia and ship-based recordings taken 100km inland. reports: The audit has concluded that the studies are deliberately exaggerating temperatures to support a theory of global warmingutilizing global averages that are far less certain than what is being forecast.

The audit has revealed that “that climate models have been tuned to match incorrect data, which would render incorrect their predictions of future temperatures and estimates of the human influence of temperatures.” Furthermore, the Paris Climate Agreement adopted 1850-1899 averages as “indicative” of pre-industrial temperatures is “fatally flawed.” The entire Paris Climate Agreement has an agenda to eliminate effectively the advancement of society and attempt to reset the clock to the pre-Industrial Revolution. This entire theory that before the Industrial Revolution, our planet’s atmosphere was somehow pristine and uncontaminated by human-made pollutants has been also proven to be completely bogus.

Bubbles trapped in Greenland’s ice has revealed that we began emitting greenhouse gases at least 2,000 years ago. The Romans even constructed the first aqueduct was built in 312 BC because there was a serious problem with water pollution. Seneca (c 4BC-65AD), the adviser to Nero, wrote in 61AD: “No sooner had I left behind the oppressive atmosphere of the city [Rome] and that reek of smoking cookers which pour out, along with clouds of ashes, all the poisonous fumes they’ve accumulated in their interiors whenever they’re started up, than I noticed the change in my condition.”

This new audit argues even the most simple basic quality checks had not been done on the HadCRUT4 data which is managed by the UK Met Office Hadley Centre and the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. The audit exposed that estimates were made of the uncertainties arising from thermometer accuracy, homogenization, sampling grid boxes with a finite number of measurements available, large-scale biases such as urbanization and estimation of regional averages with non-complete global measurement coverage.

The audit has exposed the dishonesty in this entire scheme and it appears to be directed at the goal of reducing the population. Anomalies it has identified include at St Kitts in the Caribbean, the average temperature for December 1981 was zero degrees, normally it’s 26C. For three months in 1978, one place in Colombia reported an 82 degrees Celsius average – hotter than the hottest day on Earth. Then in Romania, one September the average temperature was reported as minus 46°C, which has never happened. The data showed that supposedly ships would report ocean temperatures from places up to 100km inland. The paper also points out that the most serious flaws identified was the shortage of data. For the first two years, from 1850 onwards, the only land-based reporting station in the Southern Hemisphere was in Indonesia. Then there were ship observations at the time but Australian records had not started until 1855 in Melbourne, behind Auckland which started in 1853. This data appears to have been just made up.

According to the HadCRUT4 calculation of coverage, it was almost 1950 before there was data from even half of the Southern Hemisphere was available. Yet they claim global warming has taken hold for 100 years prior. Then the Paris Climate Agreement takes the HadCRUT4 average from 1850 to 1899 as an “indicative” temperature or pre-Industrial Revolution. There is absolutely no possible way the data set being used to support all this Global Warming is even valid for any forecast.


  1. More deception, lies and fraud from the dems and NWO cabal. Climate change was another way to steal $$$$, launder stolen $$$$ and bring about their evil agenda and 1 world govmt where 90% of earth’s population is killed off.

  2. How can this new revelation not get buried by MSM? How can we get this new findings out to the general populous… especially ones who kept touting global warming, climate change rhetoric. This needs to be easily recite-able by anyone who’s confronted with these phony environmentalists.

    • how to spread this info: post on all kinds of comment sections. You Tube is good and I have some folks who do news that I follow on there and I’ll post on their comment sections. The channel owner sees it and puts it in a video that possibly millions see. Once one person gets it, many others on YT pick up the news and spread it. I did this so much on one news item on YT that the AI rearranged search results and put my news at the bottom of results, then finally deleted it altogether. I dont know if it was because of me, but news reflected that people’s opinion on that particular issue had changed on the topic. So, it seems to be working!

  3. deliberately skewed temperature readings of non-standard reading locations , so as to promote their agenda for making money

  4. Climate Change is all About Socialist Transfer of Wealth, Land Grabs on a National Scale and Communist Type Control.& Regulation on Private Property….

  5. Climate Change is all About Socialist Transfer of Wealth, Land Grabs on a National Scale and Communist Type Control.& Regulation on Private Property….

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