Rare Rectangular UFO Spotted Over Georgia

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Rare Rectangular UFO Spotted Over Georgia

A witness from the city of Cumming in Forsyth County, Georgia, has reported seeing a large, black, rectangle-shaped UFO flying low and leisurely over the city and blocking out stars from view.

According to the witness in a strange report submitted on March 15, 2016, and filed as Case 75213 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the sighting occurred on November 4, 2013.

The witness was standing outside his home at about 2:15 a.m. on November 4, 2013, talking on his cell phone, when he noticed something unusual about the night sky.

The weather was mild and the sky was clear when he looked up and noticed that part of the dark sky was darker and strangely starless.

I noticed the fact that I could not see any stars in an area,” the witness told MUFON. “The fact I could see some stars, but in an area I could not see any — it did not seem right at all.”

I did not think at that moment I was looking at anything,” he said.

After studying the night sky for some time he realized that a massive rectangular UFO was hovering in the air and blocking the stars from sight.

I kept looking and then realized… something was in front of me and it was large. I could then see the size due to the area I could not see,” he said.

The stunned witness noticed that the UFO appeared to be hovering very low and seemed very close to him.

He observed that the UFO was black, and much darker than the night sky. The surface was not dull but it was also not shiny. It was large, about 300 feet long, and 75 feet wide — about the height of a three-story building.

It was black but not shiny, but not a dull surface,” he told MUFON. “It was approximately three stories tall, approximately 300 feet long and approximately 75 feet wide. It traveled from north to south. I saw the entire west side of the craft. I did not see the front at all. I could see part of the back end, but limited due to the dark color craft at night time.”

As the UFO sailed closer to his position, the witness was able to observe its structures and features in greater detail. The UFO had blue-white lights that ran along its underside. He noticed the craft was flying silently and very low at about 15 feet above the trees.

Despite the proximity of the base of the mysterious UFO to the trees, the plants did not move or sway. This indicated to the witness that the propulsion system of the craft was unlike that of normal man-made aircraft.

When the full implication of his observations dawned on him, the witness froze. He noted that the UFO looked unlike anything he had ever seen in his entire life.

I realized there was a large craft not very far from me… I did not move,” he said. “I knew that this was not anything I had seen, heard of or thought should be flying!

It did not make any sense that it could be moving,” he told MUFON. “It looked heavy and not a way to stay in the air, no wings… no sound at all.”

It did bother me that I was in possible danger when I saw the light,” he said. “I did not want to follow the craft down the road. I didn’t want the craft to notice me.”

More than two years after the sighting, the memory of the extraordinary experience remained vivid in the witnesses’ mind.

Mark Ausmus, MUFON field investigator in Georgia, investigated the sighting but was unable to determine the nature of the mysterious craft.

Sightings of wingless rectangular UFOs are fairly common though less common than sightings of orb, triangular and cigar-shaped UFOs.

MUFON reported the sighting and filming of a wingless rectangle-shaped UFO sailing across a clear blue sky over India earlier in January (see video above). The report, filed as Case 56640, occurred on May 26, 2014 at about 6:30 p.m.

The witness was struck by the noticeably non-aerodynamic features of the rectangular craft. It had no wings. Yet there it was in the sky flying from west to east at a fairly high altitude and at a speed he estimated was comparable to that of airliners he had watched in the past.

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