Swedish Doctor Gets 10 Yrs For Abducting Woman & Locking Her In Bunker

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Swedish Doctor Gets 10 Yrs For Abducting Woman & Locking Her In Bunker

A Swedish doctor has been jailed for 10 years for kidnapping a woman and locking her up in a home-made bunker.

The 38-year-old physician was planning to keep the woman as his girlfriend.

According to the prosecution, Martin Trenneborg had spent several years designing and building a soundproof bunker. He methodically planned and executed the kidnapping and was only caught when he went to visit his victim’s apartment.



Deutsche Welle reports:

The doctor met the woman in September for a date in Stockholm, when he drugged her with chocolate covered strawberries spiked with a sedative.

He then disguised himself and the woman using rubber masks and transported her in a wheelchair to his isolated house in southern Sweden.


The prosecutor claimed Trenneborg planned to keep the woman as his girlfriend in the multi-room bunker, which he had outfitted with a toilet and enclosed courtyard.

During the six days of captivity the doctor kept the woman sedated with an intravenous drug.

Trenneborg’s perverse plan was only uncovered when he went back to the woman’s Stockholm apartment to gather a few of her things, only to find out the police were searching for her.

Panicked, he then took the woman to the police to show that she was fine, at which point he was arrested.

Trenneborg admitted to the abduction but denied accusations of rape. The court found insufficient evidence for a rape charge.

Rubber masks were used to hide identity
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