Minsiters Plan On Writing To All 12-15 Yr Olds Urging Them To Get Covid Jab

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A Government row has erupted over a plan to write a ‘please get the covid vaccine’ letter to all UK teenagers

Ministers are considering writing to every 12 to 15-year-old in the country urging them to get their Covid vaccine as four out of five of them remain unjabbed.

But Whitehall officials say the move is not appropriate and risks undermining parental consent.

The Mail Online reports: The letter would be signed by Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi in a bid to improve the slow jab rollout in schools.

So far only 19.8 per cent of that age group has been jabbed.

However, the move has sparked a row within Government over whether writing to children directly would be appropriate.

Whitehall officials have raised concerns that the move would risk undermining parental consent.

Since the rollout was extended to all 12- to 15-year-olds more than a month ago, MPs have warned that parents must be given a final say in whether their child should be vaccinated.

Schools normally send forms to parents seeking permission for pupils to receive a jab.

However, children also have a say and in some cases can override their parents, although the Government has insisted this would only apply ‘very rarely’.

It comes as analysis for The Mail on Sunday shows only a third of 12- to 15-year-olds will be jabbed by December if the rollout continues at the current pace.


  1. Just imagine what kind of beautiful world this would be if they used the same amount of energy they’re using to force this toxic sludge into your bodies into removing actual criminals from society. Of course that would mean they would be removed..

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