Jeff Sessions: Halt Foreign Worker Visas so Americans Can Work and Earn Instead

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Jeff Sessions calls for a halt on foreign worker visas so that Americans can work and earn

Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called for a halt to visas being granted to foreign workers to give ordinary Americans a chance to work and earn amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sessions called for a moratorium on all employment-based immigration until the U.S. returns to pre-coronavirus crisis unemployment levels.

“American families and workers must come first,” Sessions said in a statement.

“It is morally wrong and economically disastrous to import more foreign workers when millions of Americans are out of work through no fault of their own,” he continued.

“As the economy comes back to life, we must put Americans, not foreign workers, first.” reports: The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits jumped by 5.25 million last week, as job losses caused by the pandemic mount. That brings total claims over the four weeks that ended April 11 to nearly 22 million workers, erasing the entirety of labor market gains since the 2008 financial crisis — a stunning sign of the colossal economic damage inflicted by the virus outbreak.

With a labor force that totals about 162 million people, that brings the unemployment rate close to 13 percent.

Sessions said that the moratorium should last until the unemployment rate sinks below 3.5 percent, where it was in February before the crisis rocked the U.S.

“Tens of millions of Americans are out of work and hundreds of thousands of small businesses teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. Americans need to go back to work to rebuild our economy. But it should be American, not foreign, workers taking those jobs, providing for their families, and restoring our economic strength,” he said.

“That is why I am calling on the federal government to immediately halt immigration to the United States until Americans are back to work.”

Sessions said the “fundamentals” of the Trump economy are strong, and that his plan ensures that it would rebound quickly.

“We don’t need the big government monstrosities that the Democrats and the Establishment want to put in place during this crisis—we need to get Americans back to work,” he said.

The Trump administration has taken a number of immigration and border-related measures in relation to the crisis.

It has closed land borders with Mexico and Canada for all but essential travel, and has implemented travel bans on China, Iran and the European Union.

Additionally, it is turning away illegal immigrants and asylum seekers at the border while also suspending hearings related to the “Remain-in-Mexico” policy.

The administration announced this month that it was suspending additional seasonal guest worker visas, but it upset immigration hawks by streamlining the interview process for many agricultural guest workers.


  1. Sessions has a voice? Where did he hide it while he was Attorney General? Remember the Russia is coming and Putin-gate HOAXES? Hillary constructed them.. Sessions recused himself.

    • they had a nasty video of him hanging over his head, what did you want him to do? the right thing? HA!

  2. And it’s all been an operation carried our by media Barons,and we know who they are ,and their followers in political life globally I heard it said that 22 million people have list their jobs The gap between the rich and the rest is going to grow exponentially wider over the next 2 to 3 years now .Just what the dr ordered

  3. You had your chance to make a difference, Jeffie-boy. You peed on it. Now just recuse yourself again!

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