FBI: Hillary Used BleachBit Software To Destroy Evidence

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Congressman Trey Gowdy has disclosed new details about the Clinton email scandal that proves the Democratic nominee intentionally destroyed evidence

Congressman Trey Gowdy has disclosed new details about the Clinton email scandal that prove without a doubt the Democratic nominee intentionally destroyed evidence. In the video below, Gowdy reveals that Clinton used “BleachBit” – a drastic cyber-measure – to “hide traces of files deleted” from her private server and “prevent recovery.”

Arguing that the FBI failed to asked Hillary Clinton the right questions during its interview last month, Gowdy said if FBI Director James Comey was truly trying to decide her intent in using a private, unsecured, unauthorized email server, he would have asked different questions.

Remember James Comey said she was not indicted because he didn’t have sufficient evidence on the issue of intent? I didn’t see any questions on the issue of intent,” the congressman said.

Is using BleachBit to scrub all the evidence, and prevent recovery, not intent?


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton fired back Wednesday at the Associated Press after the publication of an investigative report exposing a number of cases where private individuals who met with her while secretary of state later donated to the Clinton Foundation.

I know there’s a lot of smoke [in the AP report], but there’s no fire,” Clinton said.

Thursday on America’s Newsroom, Trey Gowdy disagreed.

It’s not fire, “it’s arson – it’s pyromania,” he said.

Regarding Clinton’s 30,000 BleachBit scrubbed emails, Fox anchor Martha MacCullum wondered whether the former secretary of state and her lawyers considered that the emails to do with the Clinton Foundation were “private” along with the ones about yoga and her daughter’s wedding.

You just put your finger on not the million dollar question, the hundred million dollar question,” Gowdy responded. “I have yet to see a single foundation email produced by the State Department that was sent by her.

He noted that if Clinton had “considered them to be personal, then she and her lawyers had those emails deleted.

Considering the emails that Hillary saw fit to leave have already proved she lied about the Clinton Foundation, imagine what the emails she and her lawyers scrubbed with BleachBit may have revealed.

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