Family’s Nightmare After Ouija Board Went Wrong

Fact checked

The seemingly innocent ouija board “game” led one man to drown his dog, two other members of the family to be hospitalized, and the family home destroyed by fire. reports:

Remember gathering around the Ouija board in your best friend’s basement, asking the almighty game if your crush liked you back? For most of us, that’s about as mystical as our time with the board ever got.

However for British couple Paul Carroll, 51, and his wife Margaret, 60, their experiences with the “oracle” have taken some depraved turns.

On Christmas eve, Paul and Margaret were using the board to conduct a seance when Paul says a “bad spirit” entered his dog. At which point Paul, who reportedly has severe learning disabilities and mental health problems, drowned Molly, his Bedlington Terrier.

According to the Northern Echo, Paul tried to dispose of Molly in a nearby ditch, but first had to dismember her in order to remove her microchip so the dog couldn’t be identified.

Paul admitted to the crime but insists that he did it because a “fatal spell” was cast upon her during his Ouija board session.

He was granted conditional bail until February 24 at which point he’s due to be sentenced, however a recent event adds yet another erie twist to this family’s strange story.

On Friday evening, Margaret and her step daughter, Katrina Livingstone, 37, used the Ouija board to contact their dead dog and claimed that board told them that they would both die imminently.

Hours later, a fire destroyed their home. Both Margaret and Katrina were hospitalized after the fire, but for “a condition unrelated to the blaze,” police reported.

Margaret and Katrina have both been placed under arrest for arson with an intent to danger life.

Livingstone has been released from the hospital and is due in court on Wednesday to face charges, Northern Echo reported.

The investigation into the fire is ongoing, but one thing is for certain—we are never going to look at our Ouija boards the same way again.