Democrats Like Mask & Vaccine Mandates ‘Because It Shows Control’ Says GOP Rep. Trent Kelly

Fact checked
Rep Trent Kelly

Rep. Trent Kelly has been speculating on why Democrats appear to be in favor of mask and vaccine mandates without any regard for science.

On FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday, Kelly said that their mandates contadict other policies favored by Democrats and that included their allowing unvaccinated migrants to cross the US-Mexico border.

Breitbart reports: According to the Mississippi Republican lawmaker, Democrats favored the mandates because it “shows control.”

“ell, they like masks because it shows control,” Kelly said.

“They like mandates because it shows control. And it doesn’t matter of the science. Children aren’t dying. So we’re going to vaccinate five-year-olds, but we don’t care about tens of thousands of people coming across our border. And we’re not testing them or making sure they are vaccinated. But we’re going to make our five-year-olds get vaccinated here at home.”


  1. It’s a satanic ritual. Only people who refuse to do actual research believe masks work, let alone aren’t harmful.

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