Dead newborn’s identity stolen by UK police to spy on protesters

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Dead newborn’s identity stolen by UK police to spy on protesters

Undercover police in an elite unit tasked with infiltrating left-wing groups stole a dead newborn child’s identity, the Metropolitan Police Service has confirmed.

The baby is among a number of children whose identities were stolen by the Met’s covert Special Demonstration Squad.

Other children aged one, four, 14, 16 and 17 were also harvested for their details to provide police covers.

Only the ages of the children have been released to ensure the identities of the officers are not compromised.

Liberal Democrat MP for Chippenham, Duncan Hames, who procured the information following repeated Freedom of Information (FoI) requests, hoped to console a constituent who feared his 15-year-old daughter’s identity might have been stolen.

While no 15-year-olds were identified, it has taken Hames nearly two years since February 2013 to obtain the children’s ages.

The Metropolitan Police used “every means possible” to try and obstruct the release of the information, he told VICE news.

“Our experience over the last two years has been that they have taken every opportunity they could to resist sharing even the slightest bit of information about these activities,” Hames said.

The Met police were hoping he would “grow tired and go away,” he added, calling the delay a travesty of how “Freedom of Information is supposed to work.”

The Met secretly authorized the theft of identities from dead children for three decades, whilst issuing covert officers with fake passports and empowering them to infiltrate protest groups, without the knowledge of bereaved parents.

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