‘Anonymous’ accuses Government of stealing in Irish Water video

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'Anonymous' accuses Government of stealing in Irish Water video

The Irish Government has been accused of stealing and using threats and force in the introduction of water charges in an online video posted to Youtube claiming to be by the activist group ‘Anonymous’

The video entitled ‘#Anonymous message to the Republic of Ireland – Truth behind #IrishWater charges’ was posted on YouTube earlier in the week.

A masked character addresses the people of Ireland about the charges and addresses issues like the cutting off of water supplies to force bill payment

He says that they (Anonymous) have watched the situation unfold in Ireland and ask people to stand up to the lying government.

“It is with great sadness and frustration to know that your crooked Government is attempting to steal from you once again.”

“The Government and Irish water have been using extreme threats to force you to pay your water bills.”

“They do this out of fear of billing, fines and a threat to cut off the water supply to your household.”

The video also reminds Irish people that they are not obliged, legally, to sign up to a private water country and that as a country, the people should stand up for the right to the natural resource.

“It is not against the law to refuse to sign with Irish water.”

“You are under no legal obligation to enter into a treaty with any private company against your will.”

“It would run contrary to the Constitution and Irish consumer and European law. In effect making charges unenforceable as no laws are in existence.”

“Your meter is not your contract. You will not be made to sign anything.”

“You as a human have the right to stand for a natural human resource, you should not be stripped of money to pay for to pay for water filled with neurotoxins.”

“The people of the Republic of Ireland must rise as a nation and keep holding the fight for free, healthy water.”

“The people are gaining power, it is in the hands of the public.”

“Grab it and own it. We are Anonymous, we do not forgive..we do not forget.”

The reader ends his video message to the Irish government saying: ‘Expect us.’

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