Barman reveals that top MPs would get ‘so drunk they couldn’t speak’

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Bar man reveals that top MPs would get ‘so drunk they couldn’t speak’

A former barman who worked in Westminster for years has claimed that there was an out of control booze culture among MPs inside the Commons. “Some of the behaviour was utterly appalling and would have got a person the sack in any other workplace,” he said.

The Mirror reports: John O’Sullivan reveals how he witnessed politicians enjoying marathon drinking sessions in the building’s eight bars while crucial votes were taking place in the chamber.

The former Commons barman says some MPs were left hardly able to speak after 12-pint binges, with one member even urinating openly on some steps.

And Mr O’Sullivan claims cocaine was found on toilet seats and cisterns.

The disturbing world he describes is in stark contrast to the sanitised Inside The Commons documentary currently running on BBC2 which depicts MPs as working hard for their constituents.

Mr O’Sullivan, 40, told the Sunday Mirror: “Some members would be knocking the door down 20 minutes before opening time demanding to be served. They would be in and out all day, knocking back pint after pint. Some would regularly get through

He claims there was also a sex and drugs undercurrent to all the boozing he witnessed. “Some of the female MPs would guzzle two bottles of wine and then slope off to the Sports and Social bar in hope of bedding a young ­impressionable researcher,” he says.

It was well known that was the late night pick-up spot for anyone, male or female MPs, looking to pull.”

And sometimes it seemed booze wasn’t the only drug of choice for drinkers in the Strangers’ Bar.

He says: “In the toilets outside there was even cocaine found on top of the loo seats and on the cistern.”

Mr O’Sullivan, who now runs shops in Sussex, poured drinks for an A-list of politicians during his time there.

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