Parkland Shooter Told Police He Heard ‘Demons’ Instructing Him

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Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz told police he hears demons instructing him

Parkland shooter Nikolas Crus told police he heard “demons” instructing him what to do, according to body camera footage released Friday. 

The disturbing two-minute video shows Cruz handcuffed on the ground as an officer questions him.

“What’s going on today, bro?” an officer asked Cruz.

“Demons man,” Cruz responded.

Cruz added he heard “voices.” reports: Broward State Attorney’s Office released the video Friday, according to the Miami Herald.

Cruz said in an interrogation hours after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Feb. 14, 2018, that he had heard voices when his dad died around 15 years earlier. He said they got worse when his mom died of pneumonia in November 2017, The Associated Press reported.

The demons statement could potentially be used as an insanity defense, but Cruz’s attorneys have not said whether they will use it. Cruz could face the death penalty if convicted. A trial is set for early 2020, according to the AP.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting left 17 dead.


  1. so where is the surprise? ..another freak being controlled by demons.. that’s how it works.. that’s what demons do…that’s their sole purpose…where is the surprise here?.. people don’t just wake up one day and do shit like this to fill in their day ffs….

  2. So who was supplying this ‘useful idiot’ with antidepressants? As far as his ‘hearing demons’ goes, the US and certain intelligence orgs have had this technology to actually hit your brain with sound waves leaving messages. We used it during Operation Desert Storm to tell Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Guard that Mohammed wanted them to surrender which they did by the 1,000’s in ONE day.

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