University Students Demand That Clapping Is Banned Because The Noise Triggers Anxiety

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Students at Oxford University in the UK say that hand clapping can cause anxiety and are demanding that it be banned.

The ‘snowflake generation’ of students say that applause noise can trigger anxiety and want a form of sign language called ‘jazz hands’ to be used instead. 

The idea of using “jazz hands”, where students wave their hands in the air, is the British Sign Language expression for applause and is deemed a more inclusive gesture, was put forward at the student union’

The Mail Online reports: Sabbatical Officers Roisin McCallion, Vice President for Welfare and Equal Opportunity and Ebie Edwards Cole, Chair for Oxford SU Disabilities Campaign, successfully passed the motion to mandate the encouragement of silent clapping

They argued that alternatives to traditional clapping have been in place to aid accessibility in some organisations since 2015.

The ban on clapping would be at student union meetings and events where traditional clapping and cheering ‘presents an access issue’ to those with anxiety disorders.

One former student, said: ‘Oxford University Student Union is always seeking to be more accommodating for students. Especially for those with accessibility issues.

‘But this idea will not work and is completely ludicrous.’

The use of jazz hands – where students wave their hands in the air – is the British Sign Language expression for applause and is deemed a more inclusive gesture.

It comes after the University of Manchester Students Union passed a motion to do the same thing in September last year.

Ms McCallion said: ‘The policy was proposed in order to encourage the use of British Sign Language clapping during our democratic events to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all, including people who suffer from anxiety.


  1. at least they can say they accomplished something life. they can put that on their resume. “abolisher of clapping”

  2. I have acute anxiety disorder and it’s pretty bad – but clapping has NEVER caused me any anxiety. I will say though that this kind of absolute STUPIDTY does increase my anxiety and that is real. I don’t think these idiot student shave ANY idea what true anxiety really is.

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