Scientists Make Breakthrough Discovery In Predicting Earthquakes

Fact checked
Scientists may have made a breakthrough in their understanding of how Earthquakes occur

Scientists have discovered that seismic pressure caused in the aftermath of a large earthquake, can cause other earthquakes to occur up to 1,000 km away. 

Italian scientists say that seismic pressure causes the particles in the Earth’s crust to vibrate on a certain frequency which causes particulate matter to slip along fault zones. reports:

In otherwords, pressure from a large earthquake can cause vibration on layers of the crust several hundred to over a 1,000km away from the original earthquake epicenter.

Simply put, a large earthquake can cause another earthquake far away.

We see this happen across the North American Craton every few weeks, earthquake progression where seismic pressure in one area causes an earthquake in another region.

Up until now, professionals have literally been frequenting my pages (and videos) DENYING that earthquakes are related across large distances like this.

Now these denying professionals are corrected by other professional researchers.  As if showing everyone via my videos for the past few years isn’t proof enough.

I just talked about this topic, the fact that earthquakes are related over a distance, in my most recent Earthquake Forecast video: