Biden Threatens To Cut Food Funding To Schools That Won’t Go Along With Trans Bathroom Policy

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The Biden administration is threatening to cut lunch funding to schools that refuse to go along with their radical transgander bathroom policy.

The US Department of Agriculture has officially embraced President Biden’s transgender agenda and is taking steps to make sure that schools comply.

So basically, schools that receive federal funding for lunches will be enforced to allow biological males into girls’ bathrooms.

The move is part of a larger push from the Biden regime to promote transgender rights and gender ideology through guidance to federal bureaucracies and reinterpretation of civil rights laws.

The Daily Caller reports: All state and local agencies that receive Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) funding, including schools, will have to update their non-discrimination policies to include protections for gender identity and must investigate any allegations of discrimination on the basis of gender identity, according to a May 5 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announcement. Obama-era guidance interpreting Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to prohibit gender-identity discrimination stated that transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom, locker room and shower facility that matches their gender identity.

“Under the leadership of the Biden-Harris Administration, USDA and FNS are issuing this interpretation to help ensure its programs are open, accessible and help promote food and nutrition security, regardless of demographics,” the announcement read.

FNS funding supports food security programs for the poor such as federally subsidized school lunches and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program, also known as food stamps.

The USDA is interpreting the ban on sex-based discrimination in Title IX of the Education Amendments to include gender identity rather than just biological sex, according to the USDA announcement. The move is in line with Biden’s executive order banning discrimination on the basis of gender identity.


  1. Just creating attention seeking distractions. They’re good at that Always changing the topic to take the heat off them.

  2. Snakes. Blackmailing schools by threatening to take food out of kid’s mouths is just vile. Not even the LGBTQ+ would be ok with this.

  3. Demwits have been waring with children since 1973. Abortion, drag queen shows, trans agenda and public school brainwashing. Every time you see a screwed up adult, it was raised by a democrat, guaranteed!

    The democrats war in children continues….

  4. government is not supposed to buy food for your children. you are responsible for feeding your children. problem solved.

    • Amen.. but that’s not how it is here now. I live in one of the most economically depressed and money-stratified areas of the world. The amount of food assistance to families with children only became visible during the ‘pandemic’. With schools shuttered the school dispensaries continued on. Ques of hundreds of cars lined up to receive in open air both breakfast and lunch for the stay at home kids.. and with the proper credentials the adults as well. I’m all for feeding hungry kids.. Yet isn’t this at it’s root simply more corporate welfare? The money going to industrial food processors and shippers?

  5. well, if the school is not going to feed your children, who will?!!!
    If the store doesn’t have baby formula, how are you going to keep your baby from starving to death?!!!
    Woooo is us. no, everyone is stupid. Figure it out people.

  6. Those Are Our Taxpayer Dollars and We Are Being Blackmailed…How Long Will We Allow This To Continue?

  7. School are becoming the past since we can’t trust government to follow the constitution ! School has moved into the trash heap they don’t teach nothing but division ! That’s why home schooling is the new way to teach real American History ! Our children deserve a future of truth not a bunch of bs the left are trying to sell of what they want<

  8. Any country which has leaders like Bidet and the DemonRats doesn’t need an enemy to destroy it . . .

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