Obama Admits Billions Took Part In ‘Covid Vaccine Clinical Trial’

Fact checked

Former President Barack Obama has spilled the beans about the covid jab.

During a speech at Stanford University last month, he couldn’t help but laugh as he admitted that the billions of people who had received a covid ‘vaccine’ had been taking part in a clinical trial.

He even had the audacity to add that those people who had chosen not to have the vaccine were doing so because of ‘misinformation’.

Watch as Obama essentially admits: everyone had taken part in an experimental vaccine trial and the jabs had been “clinically tested on billions worldwide”


  1. They use scientific methodologies to make them that way. It is like witchcraft and they are like under a spell.

  2. Of course. Humans follow orders and ask questions later. They will continue to poison themselves until they literally die. It’s what humans do…

  3. This is why he is laughing. Covid was just a test run. The next lockdown will be as global as they can make it. It will include Marshall law, and military takeover including UN troops. The test run covid, gave them an idea of what they must do, by seeing how you responded to covid, so they set up the WHO, global lockdowns with the help of new bioweapons, and the diseases they put in the covid vaccines, many varieties in different batches. So they think that way it will not be traced back to the vaccines, since people assume they are all the same, but they are not. The real thing these reptilian illuminati want is to totally dominate and control you and re-manufacture you to their liking with DNA changes, animal DNA, pig and dog, and also insert the chips in the body and brain. It will all be testing and experimental. On the level of Dr Mengele, who was jewish by the way.
    It will be things no one would ever volunteer to do. So all of you will be guinea pigs. Once they take away your guns, it can go ahead as planned. Everyone locked inside their homes will be actually in a cage like a test animal. That is why he was laughing. The soldiers and military will be in charge of injecting you with the New “vaccines” for monkeypox or whatever, they claim they bought million os doses of. Everyone will get something different, you will be lab rat test subjects. The goal of which is to produce the right method to make the small number of select humans they plan to allow to survive, into what they want them to be a mutant, submissive, slave race they can breed like animals and continue to enhance to their liking in many ways.
    These things will be like the grey eventually. The same reptilians made the grey. You will never be human again. There is no going back. They did the same thing to humans on Atlantis. That is why this world will stop very soon and be destroyed like atlantis was.
    When a person makes their first billion (this number changes all through history) at present time it is a billion, they have only done it by one becoming freemasons and earning it as a freemason from the illuminati, they choose special ones like the hollywood star system to rise above, and eventually make billions so they may join the higher echelon of the illuminati.
    This is why once you do join the illuminati, you are no longer human. And it has been going on for centuries: the person is told that once they join they will have super powers, as these other illuminati have, but they don’t know and are not told they are superpowers that only the fallen angels possess. Because once you sign the blood oath in blood an actual written contract to sell your soul (a requirement) you lose your soul. At that point, unbeknown to that idiot, They no longer have a soul. They have become a soulless body. The fallen angels can take as a vessel only a soulless human body. They give that body to a reptilian.
    You no longer have any wealth of power. The devil only wants your body. The idiot remembers what it is like to have billions and never refuses. If they do refuse they will end up like the parents of Jonbenet Ramsey and eventually have to change their minds of end up in prison for killing their own child. Or you die of cancer like the mother. They sell their souls and the person/idiot that they once were is gone. The body remains and they only have children for a second body once the first one is no longer of use and they want a better one. They only allow people to get rich (they own the banks and are trillionaires who make money out of thin air) so they get a taste of the money and power. Then they make them go 33 degree mason and they do not refuse, having had that taste, and being confronted with losing all of it. But in reality, they have lost it all once they become soulless. No one realises it because the body is the same.
    I believe that Pope Benedict (billionaire) stepped down because he was already an Illuminati, and was old and needs a younger body, but has not found one yet. They got Francis, he is a fallen Angel (Satan) now, having become an illuminati.
    They did the same thing to most of the heads of state. They made them freemasons, they gave them the positions and they made them rich, then they had to go next level 33 degree mason=illuminati.
    They did not all sold their souls in a blood contract, some refused and they were eliminated.
    That is the real alien takeover, that it how it is done, from the top down and by first installing a money system, they control to make it happen. If you did not have a money system, this would not be happening. It is very rare, to survive and tt be able to evolve higher, if the money system has been accepted. Elsewhere in the universe, the most evolved beings, do not have anything even similar. They all love one another and share equally. The red race will be entirely wiped out when the experiments begin. They are not part of the select group that will remain to be turned into robot slaves, after the results of the experiments, and billions are dead from them. The red race was put here as a model/example of how to live in harmony with nature and creation, how to live within the laws of creation. The jews/ashkenazi were put here as an example of how to devolve and get to where you are now, breaking all the laws of creation. You were Ok as long as they were outcasts and now that they are accepted you will find out the truth: that everything they accuse Hitler of doing to them, is precisely and much worse what they have been planning to do to all of you now. They were the servants of the Reptilians and even have some of their DNA from when the serpents had physical bodies.

  4. B4 ANY JABBYs they were dieing like flys so all this bab jabbys is just rat smit also BIO WARfare open season ALL can and have died cotty and notty snotty and DOA DOA wake up before yo walk into the ring of fire stay the fluct away from the sick and live-rule #1

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