New Study: mRNA Causes Autism, Reduced Neural Counts, Impaired Motor Performance in Rats

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Pregnant rats vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine gave birth to rats with autism (marked reduction of social interaction and repetitive patterns of behavior), structural brain changes such as decreased neuronal counts, impaired motor performance and altered gene expression of key neurodevelopmental pathways.

Rat studies usually precede human studies when a product is being tested for the market. However, three years after the Covid-19 experimental mRNA vaccine roll-out, the experimental vaccines are only now being investigated and tested. And the latest results, published in the medical journal Neurochemical Research, are equally fascinating and disturbing.

Turkish researchers gave Pfizer mRNA to eight pregnant rats and a placebo to seven pregnant rats, resulting in 21 viable pups which were born to the mRNA vaccinated group. The newborn rats were put through behavioral tests and the difference with the placebo group could not have been more obvious.

Commenting on the new findings, William Makis MD said, “You would think these studies would have been done before rolling it out in millions of pregnant women across the globe.”

The two groups of rats were then killed and their brains were analyzed for differences.

Findings from the research include the following:

“The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine seems to induce autism-like behaviors in male rats.”

“…reduction in neuronal counts in these male rats suggests possible vaccine-induced structural brain changes”

“…motor performance was significantly affected in a sex-dependent manner in the vaccinated group”

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“These male-specific outcomes, including autism-like behaviors, reduced neuronal counts, and impaired motor performance, emphasize the potential neurodevelopmental implications of the vaccine, aligning with existing literature on the roles of the WNT pathway and BDNF signaling in neurodevelopmental disorders.”

“In summary, this study provides valuable insights into the effects of the COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine on the WNT pathway and BDNF levels, particularly in relation to neurodevelopmental outcomes. The observed male-specific vulnerability and the convergence with existing literature support the involvement of these molecular pathways in neurodevelopmental disorders.”

The study proceeded to recommend urgent further research in human populations to validate the findings.

WNT (encodes secreted signaling proteins implicated in oncogenesis and neurodevelopment) “expression of the WNT gene was significantly decreased in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 Male group” BDNF (stimulates and controls growth of new neurons) “Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a key molecule involved in synaptic plasticity and neuronal health; changes in its levels can be indicative of alterations in synaptic plasticity, which may correlate with neurodevelopmental anomalies”

“Brain BDNF levels were significantly decreased in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 Male group”

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