Drs Pressure AstraZeneca To Release Data On Research In Advance Of The Rollout Of Their Covid Jabs

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Astra Zeneca

A group of UK doctors and scientists have asked AstraZeneca to release data detailing the research that was done in advance of the rollout of their Covid vaccines.

Retired Consultant Paediatrician Dr Ros Jones from the medical group HART joins Neil Oliver on GB news to explain why.

HART, which stands for Health Advisory and Recovery Team, is made up of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts. They came together over shared concerns about policy and guidance recommendations relating to the Covid pandemic.


  1. Tell how many of the animals died from the vaccine….it was either all or almost all of them. They knew this & it’s exactly what they were after. Their goal is to kill off 94% of humanity & vaccines are a huge part of that.

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