‘Woke’ Game of Thrones Actress Makes GQ’s Men of the Year List

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Game of Thrones actress makes GQ's men of the year list

Woke Hollywood actress Emma D’Arcy, who appears in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” spinoff series “House of the Dragon,” has made this year’s GQ “Men of the Year” list, despite the fact that she’s a biological woman.

D’Arcy, who made headlines for identifying as the franchise’s first non-binary lead, is a woman who goes by “they/them” pronouns.

“The much-anticipated prequel to Game of Thrones did not disappoint either, and House of the Dragon owes much of its plaudits to breakout star Emma D’Arcy who plays Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen,” GQ wrote in their list of honorees. 

Thepostmillennial.com reports: The announcement caused some confusion on social media, but D’Arcy isn’t the only biological female honoree to have made the “Men of the Year” list.

Other women, including English actress Marisa Abela and actress Sheila Atim were also included by GQ.

GQ has added women to its Man of the Year list in the past. Last year Dame Vivienne Westwood was named as a “Game Changer” on the list.

In September, GQ carefully constructed a heroic narrative surrounding progressive congresswoman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and likened her fight against capitalism to the fight against slavery.


  1. So GQs actually not G at all Maybe they need to reudentify the name to Workers Quarters Everyone’s just a commodity, a gross unit of Domestic Productivity and “strong” women and “strong” men make such better workers So much better value as labour. So much better to be liberating women totally into the muscular dimensions. They won’t complain or feel pain , no need to cry, just be brave and lie. Good boy Gi joe
    Little Jo.

  2. It’s always funny when comments get deleted as spam because of using bold text too much 😉
    So, here is the short form:

    GQ is a brand of Condé Nast

    Condé Nast is owned by Advance Publications

    Advance Publications is a private company with about 12,000 capitalist slaves (to use the words of A.O.C.) and generates about 2.5 billion/year.
    Wiki says: “It owns a large number of subsidiary companies, including Condé Nast, and is a major shareholder in Reddit.”

    Advance was founded by Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr. (real name: Solomon Isadore Neuhaus), his father was born in Russia (now Belarus). Guess what his religion was.
    His son Donald now owns Advance: “According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he has an estimated net worth of $19.4 billion.”

    Really sounds like a person who is truly serious about abolishing capitalism. Yeah, right.

  3. When WW3 hits, WOKE won’t make a lick of difference and if they try to continue to push it, they will see how much the world truely doesn’t care

  4. Well, it sure looks like a soy boy to me. And if you don’t already know, dragon is another name/term for satan.

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