Declassified 9/11 Files Will Open Huge Can Of Worms, Scholar Says

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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a U.S. scholar and founding member of the Scientific panel for the Investigation of 9/11, has said that a serious investigation into the background of the 15 alleged Saudi 9/11 hijackers who were falsely blamed for the “9/11 inside job”, would open a huge can of worms. 

Speaking with Press TV, Dr. Barrett said, “this missing document, these 28 pages, allegedly contain evidence of Saudi involvement in financing and backing the alleged 9/11 hijackers”.

“And those who have seen these pages, including [former] Florida Senator Bob Graham and other people in the Congress have said that it completely transforms one’s viewpoint of 9/11″. reports:

Dr. Barrett made the remarks a day after Republican Senator Rand Paul joined a group of bipartisan House lawmakers to force the disclosure of pages extracted from a 2002 Congressional inquiry into the September 11, 2001 attacks.

He said the reason that the classified pages are still hidden from the American people and the world is that an investigation into “the links revealed between the Saudi government and these patsies” will reveal that 19 hijackers were actually trained by the CIA in the United States.

The political commentator and activist said the document “utterly annihilates the official version and it reveals that 9/11 was not an attack by a rogue group of terrorists, but it was actually a state-sponsored operation.”

“So the real reason that this document is such a hot potato is that if an investigation genuinely tried to find out why these 19 young men, who were falsely blamed for the crime of the century, were being supported by the Saudi government, then that would then lead to a detailed investigation of their backgrounds and we would learn that these people were actually US intelligence agents; they were not merely supported by the Saudi government, they were also supported by the FBI,” he noted.

“They were living with an FBI informant at times they were getting money from the Saudis. And they were also in the United States on CIA snitch visas. These are the visas that CIA issues to people who spy for it in Saudi Arabia. It’s part of the reward; you get paid if you’re Saudis and spy for CIA, and you get a free trip to America on a snitch visa,” Dr. Barrett revealed.

“So, the CIA brought the 15 Saudi hijackers to America — alleged hijackers I should say — on this these visas that prove that these fifteen Saudis were actually CIA agents. That’s just one of the facts that will emerge if there is a serious investigation of this,” he added.

“We will also learn that these alleged 19 hijackers [were] trained in secure US military facilities during the run-up to 9/11, including Pensacola Naval Air Station and others.”

Dr. Barrett offered the example that “Muhammad Atta, or the person who posed Muhammad Atta, who spoke fluent Hebrew by the way, was a regular at the officers club at the Florida military base.”

“So looking at the backgrounds of the patsies, who were falsely blamed for the 9/11 inside job, the coup d’état by Zionist neo-conservatives with the help of Israeli intelligence and treasonous elements in the United States military and political system, will reveal this huge can of worms,” the American scholar underlined.

“It will be the scandal of the century; it will completely destabilize the United States, by revealing that the top leaders in the United States are the worst sort of liars and traitors,” he said.

“And frankly many people in positions of power here in the US, even those who are not at all complicit in the 9/11 coup d’état, don’t want to destabilize the country that much. And that’s why there’s been so much resistance to declassifying these critically important 28 pages,” Dr. Barrett concluded.



    • I was downtown at Ground Zero the day they came down and the truth of what happened is hidden behind a conspiracy of unprecedented efforts by those in power. Truthers are not mentally ill, we just prefer to look beyond the “patriotic fanfare” that clouded the truth. Try having an objective look at what happened.

    • take the time and watch the video below, 0k? lactivist… and remember, bldg no. 7 collapsed in the same fashion without being traumatized by a jetliner.

    • Anyone who chooses to believe jet fuel (kerosene) which burns 1000 degrees too cool to compromise steel and flashes off in mere minutes could have brought those towers down is willfully ignorant. Willful ignorance is a mental disorder. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  1. The fact is if this ever came to light.. A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD BE GOING TO JAIL (personally they should get the chair, just my opinion) dont even get me started on Bush and Cheney both men and advisors should be locked up for war crimes.

  2. The fact is if this ever came to light.. A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD BE GOING TO JAIL (personally they should get the chair, just my opinion) dont even get me started on Bush and Cheney both men and advisors should be locked up for war crimes.

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