BLM Leader Arrested for Interfering in Murder Investigation

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BLM leader arrested for trying to interfere in murder investigation

A Black Lives Matter movement leader in Iowa City was arrested Saturday after lying to police about a murder that took place inside his apartment.

Mazin M. Mohamedali, 20, faces one count of accessory after the fact.

Police reported that Mohamedali, who identifies himself as a leader of a racial justice group called the Iowa Freedom Riders leader, knew that 19-year-old Quincy Russom had been killed in his Iowa apartment on Feb. 12 during a suspected robbery but refused to call 911 immediately. reports: Police also said that he gave false descriptions of people involved with Russom’s death, lied during questioning, and withheld information that would have more quickly led them to the suspect behind the killing, Sammy Hamed.

A criminal complaint also asserted that Mohamedali deleted his call history and Snapchat from his phone.

Mohamedali had been arrested earlier this year after the killing after police executed a search warrant for his apartment and found dozens of ecstasy pills and 56.13 grams of marijuana. He is expected to face trial on those chargeson Aug. 24.

He was also arrested last summer during a Black Lives Matter protest where rioters tore down a $5,000 fence protecting the Old Capitol Museum in Iowa City. He faced six charges from the riot but pleaded guilty to one simple misdemeanor.


  1. Why was this thug allowed to plead to a misdemeanor in the prior offense? Would at least one other man still be alive now if
    Mohamedali had been in prison?

  2. Ecstasy tablets damage the frontal lobes irreversibly making it impossible for users to ever be able to MAINTAIN adult relationships. It makes people like obnoxious children ,ego centric ,like a amphetamines do too , and extremely selfish .They cant really grow up ,but they can give a good false impression It was another bioweapon aimed at destroying society by attacking the family .

  3. The FBI and DOJ needs to do its job and indict these terrorists. Better yet, just send them to Gitmo.

    • They won’t Why would you think they would when they did nothing to stop thieves stealing democracy Why would they when they didn’t arrest Obomber for treason when he told the American people that the Autocratic unelected foreign head of a foreign state was their new world Moral authority for Rule of Law effectively disempowering we the people ?

  4. Look, I’m so fed up with the lies and manipulations .They run crime ,all of it except spontaneous acts usually of passion They watch using the internet smart phones landlines cameras surveillance satellites spies agents undercover dolls the whole lot They use them all to control crime .Them ,the so called goodies All of them in it together ,and dont try to tell me senior cops Judges experienced lawyers dont all know it too ,if they arent totally in it anyway .” And in the end times the innocent shall be guilty, and the guilty innocent ” ” And in tbe end says the stench of CORRUPTION shall reach all the way to heaven ” . Both words of the Bible .And its time for journalists to wake up They arent kiddies believing fairy stories of heroic knights and Saviour princes.They need to grow up and stop reporting superficial deceits and start telling the whole truth , the truth they know to be true ,bot the pc truth they know is a lie a deceut by ommission s .

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