US Courtroom Shut Down Over Sex Toy

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A misplaced sex toy belonging to an unidentified individual found in a court was mistaken for a bomb and a full scale military SWAT and Homeland Security shutdown ensued.

According to an article in The Independent UK called “Sex toy shuts down courtroom in US, bomb squad called in”, the author writes:

A courthouse in the US evacuated its building and alerted authorities after a member of staff discovered a “suspicious” object.

Federal police sealed off the area around the Edward J Schwartz US Courthouse on Friday and called in a bomb squad who arrived suited up in vests and helmets, according to Reuters.

“It was oblong, egg-shaped, you could say, I think aluminum, with a cord coming out of it leading to a small plastic box that contained a battery,” explained San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesman Lee Swanson.

The bomb squad soon determined it was indeed a sex toy (and not a bomb) that had probably been dropped in the area and did not pose a threat.

No one came forward to claim the device Mr Swanson added…




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