US-Led Troops ‘Ready To Be Lethal’ Against Russia

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A new US led force of more than 1,100 soldiers are to be deployed in Poland from April in what is being called a “deterrent” to Russian aggression.

According to a US military commander the move comes as NATO sets up a new force in response to Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Over 900 American soldiers, 150 British personnel and around 120 Romanian troops will make up the battalion in northeast Poland, one of four multinational formations across the Baltic region.Russia has called this an aggressive strategy on its borders.

Leading the battlegroup is U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Steven Gventer who told a news conference: “This is a mission, not a cycle of training events, the purpose is to deter aggression in the Baltics and in Poland … We are fully ready to be lethal.”

Yahoo News reports:

Britain, Canada and Germany are leading the other three battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are due to be operational by June. They will have support from a series of NATO nations including France.

In total, some 4,000 NATO troops – equipped with tanks, armored vehicles, air support and hi-tech mission information rooms – will monitor for and defend against any potential Russian incursions.

Moscow, which denies having any expansionist or aggressive agenda, accuses NATO of trying to destabilize central Europe and has respond by forming four new military divisions to strengthen its western and central regions and stepping up exercises.

Seeking to avoid stationing troops permanently on Russia’s borders, the new NATO force across the Baltics and Poland can rely on a network of eight small NATO outposts in the region, regular training exercises and, in the case of attack, a much larger force of 40,000 alliance troops.

“We are not the entirety of NATO’s response,” said U.S. Army Major Paul Rothlisberger, part of the U.S.-led battalion to be based in Orzysz, 220 kilometers (137 miles) northeast of Warsaw.

The alliance is seeking to show the ex-Soviet countries in NATO that they are protected from the kind of annexation Russia orchestrated in February in 2014 in Ukraine’s Crimea.


  1. Really sickening that US/NATO is pursuing this — almost as sickening as US aggression versus Syria, a sovereign nation, which we have no business interfering with (for Israel). Crimea voted and 97% said they want to be part of Russia. What more does US/NATO want? Oh, right, hegemony and WWIII. Unbelievable!

  2. America’s war economy demands blood. Unfortunately more of our children will be sent to fight and possibly die for the bankers and the oligarchs of USSA. When will we wake up and demand an end to this madness with the illegal invasion of Syria and drums of war against Russia. I can’t count all the overtures for peace and good diplomatic relations Russia has made in the last year. However, dual Israeli American Khazars in U.S. Want to reclaim there homeland in Ukraine and will try to drag us to war for them once again.

  3. I think you yanks have got this all wrong…what you really should be doing is ganging up with Russia and destroying everybody that aren’t your allies.. what a world it would be…. fucking awesome…
    and as for you Anne Chastity belt its not sickening at all……wtf is wrong with ww3…. are you serious?…they promised us ww3 and we will bloody well be having it… !!!

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