Trump Has Better Poll Numbers Than Hollywood Pimp Meryl Streep

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Trump's poll numbers soar past Meryl Streep's

After a 40 year career protecting known pedophiles in Hollywood, Meryl Streep’s roosters have come home to roost, with a recent poll showing that her approval ratings have tumbled to an all-time-low. 

Nobody believes that she “knew nothing” about the sexual misdeeds of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein – a man she once referred to as “God.” reports: Streep’s problems began back in 2003, when the now-69 year-old actress was caught on television giving a standing ovation to a fugitive child rapist, director Roman Polanski, a monster who drugged, raped, and sodomized, a 13 year-old girl. After confessing to this crime, he fled from justice.

The Polanski problem returned in 2009, when Streep was caught on video lamenting the fact that the child rapist had been arrested in Switzerland at the request of a United States government hoping to extradite him. Streep said, “I’m very sorry that he’s in jail.”

All of this came back to haunt Streep earlier this year when she used the occasion of the Golden Globes to lie about President Trump mocking the disability of a dishonest reporter. Standing before the country wrapped in her own virtue, Streep savaged our new president for something he did not do.

But because the Internet is forever and Streep’s hypocrisy is insufferable, the videos of Little Miss Virtue applauding and defending a child rapist quickly made the rounds on social media.

This is the least of Streep’s problems.

Another piece of videotape that came back to haunt Streep, was her 2012 proclamation that accused-serial rapist Harvey Weinstein is “God.”

This declaring of Weinstein as “God” flies directly in the face of Streep’s dissembling response to actress Rose McGowan, one of the few heroes of the #MeToo movement, who lashed out at Streep over her downplaying of Weinstein’s alleged crimes as acts of “disrespect.”

Using her twitter feed, McGowan fired back, “No, Meryl, IT’S A FUCKING CRIME. You are such a lie[.]”

Later, McGowan spoke for many in a now-deleted tweet that in part read “Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @goldenglobes in a silent protest. YOUR SILENCE is THE problem. You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real chance. I despise your hypocrisy.”

Under fire, Streep ran to the left-wing HuffPost to not only deny any knowledge of Weinstein’s alleged behavior, but with the absurd claim she hardly knew the man she called “God.” Yes, in just five years, Weinstein was demoted from a deity to just some guy in Hollywood:

I don’t know where Harvey lives, nor has he ever been to my home.

I have never in my life been invited to his hotel room.

I have been to his office once, for a meeting with Wes Craven for “Music of the Heart” in 1998.

HW [Harvey Weinstein] distributed movies I made with other people.

HW was not a filmmaker; he was often a producer, primarily a marketer of films made by other people- some of them great, some not great.

The truth is that Streep’s career has, in one way or another, revolved around Harvey Weinstein for some 20 years. The benefits of this relationship have included a Best Actress Oscar and a handful of nominations. Titles include: The Giver (2014),  August: Osage County (2013),  The Iron Lady (2011),  Doubt (2008), The Hours (2002), Music of the Heart (1999), and Marvin’s Room (1996).

Meryl Streep is the most “in” of anyone in Hollywood’s “in-crowd,” and yet we are being asked to believe that,  although everyone knew about Weinstein, the Queen who made no fewer than seven movies over three decades with him, did not?


According to a new poll conducted celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev, in the wake of her Weinstein denials, 58 percent “now feel negatively towards the once beloved Streep[.]”

He added, “Streep’s claims that she didn’t know are ludicrous and the kiss of death for her image in Hollywood[.]”

“Streep needs to apologize to her fans for not telling the truth,” Sehdev told Yahoo News. “And perhaps explain what pressures she was feeling to make such a public statement to begin with.”

Unfortunately for Streep, it is probably too late for an apology. She is so far over the “knew nothing” cliff, there is no going back.

And now the First Lady of Hollywood is dealing with a list of sins that includes:

  1. Applauding and defending a child rapist.
  2. Lying to the world about President Trump.
  3. Claiming she “knew nothing” about Weinstein.
  4. Appalling behavior that is sullying the Oscar rollout of The Post, Steven Spielberg’s new movie set for release Friday.

And now, with her dismal 58 percent disapproval rating, Virtuous Meryl is in worse shape than the president she smeared with provable lies.


  1. There is nothing to discuss. All women out of solidarity with their abused sisters should boycott this MS woman and her new roles.

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  2. such bs . of course streep is a monster but trump even more so-supplying weapons to really bad people around the world who will kill thousands upon thousands. So what is this cheesy site , just another op from the right wing branch of the deep state

    • trump is a good bloke… he says what he means and means what he says,…. and he follows through…you need to take your medication more regularly…. and open your eyes.. that’s what they are for…and remember have two ears and one mouth…God made you that way for a reason… he likes us to listen more and blab less

  3. she used to be my favourite actress… then somehow she just turned into a C U N T…… funny how satan turns on those he elevates….. and leaves them looking just like a C U N T …

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