ISIS Uses Chainsaw To Execute Nine Youths In Mosul

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ISIS in Iraq have executed a number of youths in the city of Mosul by slicing them with chainsaws.

According to a well placed source in Mosul, the men were cut into two halves.

mosul Iraqi News reports:

Sharing details the source said, “ISIS fighters have executed nine youths of Mosul. The outfit accused that these youths belonged to an anti-ISIS resistance faction”.

“The death sentence pronounced by ISIS sharia court stated that the men should be tied to an iron pole in the center of Tal Afar Square in Mosul and then sliced into two with an electric chainsaw,” further added the source seeking anonymity.

It may be mentioned here that ISIS, since gaining control of Mosul in 2014, have executed thousands citizens of the city on different charges and allegations. In most cases, the executed residents were charged to be cooperating with the security forces.

ISIS reading out an execution order pronounced by Sharia court , File Photo
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