WikiLeaks: Obama Hacked French Elections For Bisexual Buddy Macron

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WikiLeaks detail how Barack Obama hacked the French election to ensure a Macron victory

WikiLeaks claims that former US President Barack Obama hacked the French elections in order to help his ‘friend’ Emmanuel Macron win.

According to WikiLeaks, Obama meddled in the French presidential election by ordering the CIA to “steal” French parties’ plans to give his bisexual friend the upper hand.

In a tweet sent out on Sunday, the Whistleblowing organisation claimed, “Obama intervened in the French election on the side of Macron after previously ordering CIA to steal parties’ plans.”

In February this year, Wikileaks revealed that all of the main French political parties had been infiltrated by the CIA’s human (“HUMINT”) and electronic (“SIGINT”) spies in the months leading up to France’s 2012 presidential election. WikiLeaks leaked this data as part of the ‘Vault-7‘ release on the CIA’s hacking and surveillance activities. reports: “Named specifically as targets are the French Socialist Party (PS), the National Front (FN) and Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) together with current President Francois Hollande, then President Nicolas Sarkozy, current round one presidential front runner Marine Le Pen, and former presidential candidates Martine Aubry and Dominique Strauss-Khan,” Wikileaks’ press release stated.

Earlier, the Macron campaign team said there was a hacker attack on an email of the candidate’s representatives, which is why data leakage allegedly had occurred. Francois Hollande called for the results of the investigation to be awaited.

According to the latest exit polls by Belgian RTBF broadcaster, Emmanuel Macron, the leader of En March! movement, is leading in Sunday’s second round of the presidential election with up to 65 percent of votes.

The first official results of the second round of the French presidential election will be provided by the country’s interior ministry at 8 p. m. local time (18:00 GMT). French media outlets are prohibited to publish exit polls data before the official announcement of the election’s results.

The polling stations opened in France at 8 a.m. local time on Sunday. In the second round of the vote, two candidates face each other: independent Emmanuel Macron, the leader of “En Marche!” movement, who got 24 percent of the votes in the first round, and right-wing Marine Le Pen, who came second with 21 percent of the votes.


  1. Proof that Obama is Gay. They help each other for favors. We live in a sad world of fucked up people

    • TR3B There is no “proof” Obama is gay, just as there is no “proof” Obama was not born in Hawaii and is not an American.There is no “proof” here, that you cite, that satisfies my intellect. Apparently you are quite ready to accept what someone else tells you, without regard to whether or not it is true. Just because you say so is no reason I have to believe that when I have seen no actual proof. Please keep in mind that I have just as much right to my opinion as you have to yours. Even if it would turn out that Obama is gay, which I highly doubt, so what? That does not make him a “f’d up” person. It only represents one of many ways a person may exist in this world, without it being right or wrong or messed up. Take stock of yourself before you start judging other people for just being human. We are not all alike, such as clones, nor do we have the right to expect others to be or think the same as we do!

      I am 83, and I wish I had the time to sit around like a rumor mongering old geezer and dream up fantasy flaws in people I don’t like. My need to feel superior to others is far less than yours, so I don’t need to waste time doing that. Grow up! Actual facts are bad enough without having to make stuff up. If one surrounds oneself with the right people, there is no reason to see the world as “sad” or “f’d up”. You see what you want to see and so do I! I would never have survived to 83 if I saw the world as badly as you do! I am a straight person, and despite being of an age where I should perhaps be locked into the obsolete past, I am not. Just because I am straight, and do not engage in any strange sexual activities does not mean I don’t have flaws and shortcomings in other facets of my personality. All human beings have flaws and are less than perfect. That does not mean we are “f’d” up. A human being is more than the totality of their flaws, if one takes time to explore other aspects of people. Another person’s gender or sexual orientation is none of my business nor anyone else’s. Many people engage in judging other people’s lives instead of working on their own issues. And, yeah, I still do have improvements I need to work on for myself. That never ends, until life is over.

  2. Huh, wait, why is Macron bisexual just because he is also married to a transgender It/thing?

    For any of you, I suggest you look up Youtube videos on the tranny agenda. It’s the Luciferians way of having a dumbed down populace worship the image of Baphomet, the gender neutral beast going against the natural order of God.

    • Not interested in the tranny agenda. I have never met anyone who was transgender, so it is not yet part of my worldview. Perhaps one day it may be. I long ago accepted gay and bisexual people as just ordinary people I do not need to judge. I would never ever call another human being an it/thing, in a sarcastic way or otherwise. Calling someone an it/thing is way beyond being sarcastic. That is just so unimaginably gross. Who are you to judge and to make such a disrespectful statement? Especially about the First Lady of France? I am 83, nearly 20 years older than Mrs. Macron, so in your judgment, I too, must be an it/thing, because I am ugly, compared to the way I looked as a younger woman.. Since I and no one who knows me believes that, the world is OK to me. Perhaps YOU are the “it/thing”, cold and lacking compassion and so superior in your quasi-Christian persona.

      You seem to have that special in-crowd uber Christian vocabulary of secret words the rest of us have never even heard. In the Natural Order of the Universe, the Creator does not ever make any human as an “it/thing”, so it behooves us to be respectful of all His creations of whatever form they take. I thank God that I may be privileged to love God as a Christian and I do not have to include in my belief the extraordinary and radical bias of evangelicals and fundamentalists. Many uninformed people believe all Christians are of that aggressive, ram it down your throat type of Christian. Even the Bible tells us to “Judge not, lest ye be judged” and Jesus himself did not hang out with the uber Christians, he spent his time with the “sinners”, which we all are ultimately. The worst sin of all is to judge other people when we have so much work to do on ourselves in order to meet the standards He has set for us. BTW, I am not part of your “dumbed down populace” nor are very many other people whose lives have crossed mine. I earned a 4 yr B.A. degree in Government/International Relations in 2011, I finished 2 years of law school.. I am a long way from being “dumbed down”. It is far too late for someone like you to come along & tell me I am “dumbed down”, when I have spent almost my entire life trying to learn and not be dumb. The truly “dumbed down’ people are those who look down condescendingly on other humans. Jesus would have had every right to behave in such a superior way, but He never did. He would also never utter the words that appear in your comment.

  3. Luv the comment Rick Lonzy! You are tuned in and switched on! This is the BIGGEST and I mean BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT conspirafact today. WAKE UP people before its too late.

    • I think I prefer to go back to sleep. “Tuned in and switched on”? To sheer claptrap that makes no sense to someone who likes to think about reason and understanding? I don’t know what you are smoking, but I wish a had some, so I wouldn’t have such an ordinary point of view. Just because people do not believe the same as you do does not mean they need to “wake up”. We are all entitled to have our own opinions. In 83 years of living, i had never before heard that there was some requirement that I have to agree with you in order to wake up. I “wake up” every morning and only need God’s help to do that.

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