Biden’s Woke Military: Female Soldiers Must Now Shower with Men

Fact checked
Biden announces plans to force female soldiers to shower with men

President Biden has announced plans to force female soldiers serving in the U.S. military to shower with men under new, ‘progressive’ far-left rules.

Any biological male recruit in the US army who identifies as female without having surgery will now be allowed to shower with women, according to an Army training slide.

“Once gender transition is complete and the Soldier’s gender marker in DEERS is changed, the Soldier is expected to adhere to all military standards associated with the Soldier’s gender marker in DEERS and use billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities in accordance with the DEERS gender marker,” it states. reports: The training slides are dated August 2021, but were distributed to soldiers earlier this year in March, according to the Free Beacon, which obtained different slides from the same training. Similar training slides have been circulated in the past, featuring slightly different scenarios.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), Navy reservist and member of the House Armed Services Committee, said in a statement to Breitbart News, “Every soldier I know just wants to spend their day working hard to keep America safe and it’s shameful that they’re being forced to sit through these pointless and partisan trainings.”

“Our adversaries aren’t wasting their time with this stuff. We need to get serious about countering the serious threats we face abroad,” Banks, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, added.

Breitbart News contacted the Army for a comment but did not receive a response by deadline.