UK Health Minister Warns A 2nd Coronavirus Wave Has ‘Started To Roll Across Europe’

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The UK Health Secretary is warning that a second wave of the coronavirus is rolling across Europe and must be stopped from reaching Britain.

Matt Hancock issued his alarming assessment on coronavirus during an interview with the BBC on Thursday.

RT reports: Hancock insisted that the UK needs to do everything possible to protect people from a second wave “reaching our shores.”

We can see sadly a second wave of coronavirus that is starting to roll across Europe.

The stark warning comes as the UK chief medical officers announced changes to self-isolation rules. People who test positive for coronavirus or show symptoms must now self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days, rather than seven.

The change comes after new evidence has emerged that shows those who are “mildly ill and are recovering have a low but real possibility of infectiousness between 7 and 9 days after illness onset,” UK health officials said. The new advice is in line with guidance issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In response to the increase in Covid-19 cases sweeping Europe, the UK introduced 14-day quarantine rules for people travelling from Spain. The move provoked an angry response from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez who insisted they only had issues in a small number of regions, accusing London of making an “error” that was “not justified.”


  1. Europe should be scared of Britain really They had the worst death rate per head in the world over time and so they are the most riddled with it of all .

  2. Yes I predict there will be unending waves of cold viruses, flu viruses, etc. Just as it has always been. Anyone else about had enough of this insanity?

    Btw, “drive 55. It saves lives!” Anyone remember that insanity?

    • Yes I predict there will be unending waves of cold viruses, flu viruses, etc. Just as it has always been.

      Say, maybe do think we’re going have spike in pneumonia related deaths of the elderly and immune compromised this fall/coming winter, with it peaking in Dec-Feb, with it tapering off in March and April? Sorry, no idea why added those details. Seems oddly specific.

      Anyway, if there’s even a possibility of that happening I think every politician on the planet should get on top of the situation. The politicians will need to wear masks and stay in their rooms until we can rebuild a society capable of thinking again. I want billions spent on a vaccine that will raise the average IQ slightly above room temperature and cause people to spontaneously stop checking Facebook long enough to the label on a box of N95 masks and google “seasonal pneumonia”.

      I think it’s doable.

    • The old Double Nickel………..
      Do you remember in the early 70s the Jersey Turnpike had speed limit signs that they could change remotely. Depending on traffic conditions they would change it from around 45 up to I believe 80. Then the gas crisis scam hit………..

      • Oh man, I don’t remember that. Perhaps because back in those days I rarely left NYC, and I was headed in a diff direction if I did. I do remember the gas lines/the artificial gas crisis well though.

        • I am the younger than my siblings by at least 5 years. My older brothers grew up in the muscle car era. I got my drivers license during the early gas crisis………. so guess what my job was on the right odd or even day for all our cars??? Let’s just say I developed a nice tan on my left arm waiting in gas lines.

          • “ the muscle car era”

            Good times! Lots of fond memories riding around in muscle car’s while Led Zep rattled the windows.

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