End Times Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Happening Now? The Final Sign (Video)

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There is a very powerful prophecy by the Hopi Indian tribe of North America called the Blue Star Kachina Prophecy – which, according to the prophecy is is the final sign before the “Day of Purification” – or the end.

Journalist Susan Duclos writes in an article published on Before It’s News entitled “Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Unfolding Now! ‘The Coming Of The Beginning‘” [1]:

Are we watching the the unfolding of the Hopi Blue Star Kachina prophecy in events seen right now?

That is the topic of the video below by MLordandGod, where it is explained that in Hopi Prophecy the “Blue Star Kachina” is a spirit that will signify “The Coming of the Beginning,” and the Coming of the Blue Star is the final sign before the “Day of Purification,” which will cause catastrophe or a “world engulfing cataclysm,” to purify the Earth.

Are we watching the end unfold…. or the beginning?

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Via the video details:

His name is “JAWU.” A BLUE STAR will be seen in the Skies, “A HOLY SPIRIT BEING, The True White Brother will return” in the Second Coming on ‘THE DAY OF PURIFICATION” Some of the Prophecy parts have already TAKEN PLACE. The LAST WAR in the BLUE STAR KACHINA PROPHECY is a “SPIRITUAL WAR” between the Ethical and God-fearing people and the Un-Godly Materialistic People. This is predicted to be a FIERCE WAR and the LAST WAR ( i.e. WW III).

The surprising similarity to the Hopi Name of GOD and the name of God, Jahweh, of the Israelites. It is the same NAME! Sedona, Arizona – 10,000 years old Caves in America

Archaeologists claim that Sedona’s history dates back approximately 10,000 years when the first settlers to the area, Native American cave dwellers, inhabited the caves in and around the Sedona area.


[1] Blue Star Kachina Prophecy


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