United Airlines Flight Diverted After Pilot Suffers Medical Emergency

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A United Airlines flight from Guatemala to Chicago was forced to divert to Houston Airport on Saturday evening after a pilot suffered an unexpected medical emergency.

According to an internal Houston UAL memo obtained by CDM Press, an emergency was called “for an incapacitated pilot”.

The memo read: “UA Flight 2007 GUA-ORD is diverting to IAH. Declaring an emergency for an incapacitated pilot. Gated at E20. Current ETA shows 1747. Unknown if flight will clear here at this time or just re-crew and go. Will advise when information is available. Pilot reportedly taken to a hospital,” states the UAL Operation Center communication”

According to the UAL file the “Left seat Capt had chest pains.  Could not get him out of the seat.  Right seater landed.”

GWP reports: Augusto Bernal, Director of Communications, HAS, issued a statement to Click2Houston.

“United Airlines Flight 2007 was diverted to IAH. It was diverted for a technical and a medical condition,” said Bernal.

A spokesperson for United Airlines provided the following response:

“United flight 2007 from Guatemala City to Chicago landed safely in Houston (IAH) at 5:39 p.m. to address a medical situation, and is expected to re-depart shortly for Chicago.”

It can be recalled that more than 2,000 employees filed a class-action lawsuit against United Airlines in 2021 for religious and medical discrimination over the unconstitutional vaccine mandatory.

Captain Sherry Walker, the co-founder of Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom, told The Gateway Pundit that many of her colleagues have been terminated by United for not violating their faith, or for being too ill to take the shot.

“The stories are sad and evil. Our woke CEO is harming our people and perpetuating the destruction of our nation for his bottom line,” she added.


  1. Instead of tanks bulldozing thru you town and bombs falling on your house, this is a new type of war. A war of deception. People don’t even know there is a war against them. People are being killed and robbed and it is all invisible to them that there is an enemy doing it to them. It is genius stradegy.

    • It’s an INFORMATION war.
      Whoever controls information controls everything.
      Most people are so focused on surviving, they don’t bother digging for truth. They believe whatever the MSM/Big Brother/Deep State tells them.

  2. Theure just spoiled brats given that role of pilots anyway And dumb arse could do it. In fact 14 year olds would be better More alert.

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