Retired Swiss Banker Files Lawsuit Against Pfizer For Making False Vaccine Claims

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Is the house of cards about to collapse?


Pascal Najadi a retired Swiss banker successfully filed a civil suit against Pfizer on March 6th

Najadi, a triple vaccinated Swiss/British citizen, filed a lawsuit with the US Supreme Court in the state of New York against the FDA, Pfizer and Swiss president Alain Berset, who was formerly Switzerland’s minister of health.

Najadi, who has now also been put under US Military protection, said: “We are dealing with a, we are dealing with a, uhh, I’m sorry to say that, with a mass murder.”

The Expose reports: This lawsuit, unthinkable and futile in some countries, could be a breakthrough case in exposing the deception and fraud behind the worldwide covid injection campaign and has the potential to cause the “Corona House of Cards” to crumble, said the International Crimes Investigative Committee.

This latest lawsuit follows a complaint Najadi filed in December 2022, against the President of Switzerland Alain Berset — who is also the Head of the Department of Home Affairs and a former minister of health — at his local police station. This investigation is still ongoing.

During an interview with AJ Roberts, Najadi spoke about his most recent case, against Pfizer, which incorporates the first, the criminal investigation of Berset. He began his interview by reading out a press release dated 7 March 2023:

“Swiss President Alain Berset has been named in a lawsuit along with Pfizer in the United States for claiming that the: ‘corona vaccination is effective for at least 12 months, significantly longer than previously assumed. That’s good news and one more reason to sign up for the vaccine’.

“One of the claimants of the lawsuit presented a copy of his vaccine passport and vaccine record. The claim is based in lieu of the complaint filed by Pascal Najadi, a British/Swiss Citizen, and an Administrative Judgment filed in the UK by the law firm [O V Makker].”

We previously wrote an article about the Administrative Judgement Najadi refers to above which was submitted by a parent group in the UK, UsForThem.  You can read our article HERE.

On 3 March, “we wrote to the partners of [Pfizer’s] law firm, Davis Polk … it went to the honourable judges [ ]  of the Supreme Court of the State of New York,”  Najadi said.  And then he read out the letter. We have included the text of this letter after the video below. Najadi continued, not wanting to give any details away about the lawsuit as it is pending:

“[On] Friday we notified Pfizer through the lawyers and the court.  The courts were unaware before that date what our intention was.  We’ve done a pre-emptive strike on Pfizer.

“Second, we went Monday morning, 9 o’clock, we went to the courts – Supreme Court of the State of New York in Manhattan – and showed our evidence and copies of the ongoing Swiss criminal proceedings against the Swiss President, Alain Berset, for abuse of office etc violating four, in my case, Articles of the Swiss penal code.

“[The approval from the Judge in New York for the case to proceed] is significant because many people have tried [but] didn’t succeed to get the Judge’s approval … to file [ ]  against Pfizer. By going against Pfizer in a Supreme Court … will trigger a domino effect … The evidence is as clear as night and day. They would have to argue that when the sun is out, it is night and vice versa … and that is quite impossible.” 

Considering that Pfizer declared in a previous court case that they “did not defraud the government, but delivered the fraud that the government ordered,” Najadi is aware that he is not only up against Pfizer, but the US Department of Defence and the US government. 

So, the Judge has issued temporary restraining orders to protect his lawyers, himself, his wife and his mother.   By issuing the restraining orders and delivering them to the embassy in Switzerland, the US Department of Justice is instructing that the Swiss government must ensure “not one hair is missing from my body [or he is threatened in any way],” Najadi said. 

Installed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has also received the same instructions from the US Department of Justice so that should Najadi travel to the UK he and his family are afforded the same protection.

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Rumble HERE.

Letter 3 March 2023

Dear Pfizer Counsels,

As instructed by this court prior to a temporary restraining order being presented, it first has to be submitted to the defendants for Pfizer at Davis Polk. Attached hereto is a copy of the action filed and pending in Switzerland by Mr. Pascal Najadi, a British/Swiss citizen.

Like Panama, Switzerland exercised a Pfizer vaccine lockdown mandate and QR code on a quid pro quo basis that limited and deprived its citizens in various forms, including multiple lockdowns. Pfizer gained sales on this mandate.

Pfizer, a US corporation based in the United States of America, violated US federal and state laws and others. In the United States, the only Covid-19 mandate in place is because of prior contracts signed by Medicaid Medicare workers called CMS (the CMS contract).

  1. The CMS contract should have been nullified as CMS workers were unacquainted with the clauses and, therefore, it is fraudulent
  2. The CMS contract existed prior to the covid vaccine of pandemic, and signing the contract by one party, HHS, is a direct conflict of interest where the parties (the workers, the Medicare workers in hospitals, doctors’ offices) should not be bound to abide.
  3. Therefore, CMS mandates violated 1st amendment rights and imposed separate but equal to those who invoked exceptions and the right to a third informed consent.
  4. Because the contract existed prior to the vaccine and signing a blind contract, unacquainted of signing our rights, forced vaccines violate US federal and state laws and the right to assert informed consent.
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