Iranian Leader: Attack On Muslim World Will Be Overcome

Fact checked

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei has said in a speech that Muslims around the world need to know who its real enemies are, saying “violence in the name of Islam” are part of a divide-and-conquer effort against the Islamic world. report:

At a speech attended by President Rouhani and former President Rafsanjani – as well as more than a dozen ambassadors from around the world, including Saudi Arabia – Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that most of the problems afflicting the Middle East and the world can be resolved reasonably and rationally. Citing the Qur’an, which urges people to reflect and use their God-given reasoning ability (al-’aql), Iran’s foremost political and religious leader urged his audience to reject violence and extremism. Much of the “violence in the name of Islam” in today’s world, including Boko Haram attributed attacks and kidnappings in Nigeria, are part of a divide-and-conquer campaign against the Islamic world, he added.

Though he did not directly mention Zionism and false flag attacks such as 9/11, Ayatollah Khamenei cited conspiracies against Islam and the Middle East, and proclaimed: “The Muslim world needs to know its real enemies.”

He said that Middle Eastern and Muslim countries should form a “united front” against those who are conspiring to dominate the region by inciting sectarian and ethnic division – an apparent reference to Israel’s Oded Yinon plan to smash Middle Eastern countries into feuding, Balkanized cantons that would be too weak to resist Zionist domination.

Referring to the Zionist elite’s campaign to dumb down populations and degrade traditional cultures, Ayatollah Khamenei spoke out against the propagation of public sexuality in the mass media. He also charged the Zionist-dominated Western corporate media with spreading Islamophobia and Iranophobia. (Films like Argo and 300 are widely viewed as Zionist propaganda here in Iran.) He added that “open attacks on Islam” – presumably meaning the Danish cartoons, Innocence of Muslims, and so on – are just one aspect of the wider conspiracy against Muslims and the Islamic world.

All of these attacks on Islam, the Middle East, and traditional culture and religion worldwide are simply obstacles that will be overcome, he said, ending with: “The Islamic awakening is unstoppable.”

According to Iran’s most popular talk show host, journalist and film director Nader Talebzadeh, the Supreme Leader’s speech was unusually calm and conciliatory. Talebzadeh said that the presence of former president Rafsanjani and current President Rouhani – both reformists who are trying to placate the West – may have led the Supreme Leader to moderate his fiery and impassioned tone so as not to undercut the current government’s message that Iran is seeking to build bridges to the West, and still hopes to achieve a “grand bargain” by way of the nuclear negotiations in Geneva.