Video Shows Traffic Stop Where Oregon Militia Were Executed By FBI

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Video shows FBI execute Oregon militia

A video has emerged which shows the events leading up to the shooting of Militia protestor LaVoy Finicum outside a Wildlife Preserve in Oregon. The video shows FBI execute LaVoy even though he did not pose a threat to the officers present. 

The video shows a drone tracking the militia vehicle along a country road before two armored vehicles with red and blue flashing lights pull the truck to a stop in the middle of the road. reports:

The truck sits there a few minutes.  Law enforcement did NOT approach the vehicle and no one exited the vehicle.

A few minutes later, the vehicle begins to travel forward again.  About a mile or so farther down the winding road, the militia vehicle encounters a road block and attempts to drive around it but gets stuck in the large snowbanks.

A 5:21 into the video, the driver of the vehicle, now known to be Lavoy Finicum, gets out of the truck with his hands CLEARLY IN THE AIR.

At 5:32 into the video, Mr. Finicum is shot dead from the front and/or from behind, by a law enforcement officer who was hiding in the brush off the side of the road.

Shortly after, Flash Bang Grenades are hurled at the truck and can be seen detonating.  End of video.

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