Peter Daszak Confesses to Working for CIA: ‘EcoHealth Alliance Is a Deep State Org’

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EcoHealth alliance is a Deep State organization, Peter Daszak exposed as CIA agent: report

EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, who conducted gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, has confessed to being a CIA agent working on behalf of the Deep State, according to bombshell new claims.

According to EcoHealth Alliance Associate Vice President Dr. Andrew Huff, Daszak personally confessed to him that he was secretly working on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency and declared that EcoHealth Alliance was a “CIA front organization.”

Huff received his Ph.D. in Environmental Health specializing in emerging diseases before becoming an Associate Vice President at EcoHealth Alliance, according to report by journalist Kanekoa. reports: While working with the global scientific nonprofit, he was tasked with developing “novel methods of bio-surveillance, data analytics, and visualization for disease detection.”

EcoHealth Alliance, headed by Daszak, and financed by several US government agencies, partnered with Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina and Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses in Communist China prior to the initial outbreak of COVID-19.

Daszak reportedly oversaw the screening of “thousands of bat samples for novel coronaviruses.” The controversial research also involved “screening people who work with live animals.”

The revelations added fuel to concerns that coronavirus pandemic originated from that very lab, which Daszak aggressively maintains is not true.

Through a series of tweets posted on January 12, Huff wrote:

For the Record: In 2015, Dr. Peter Daszak stopped me as we were leaving work late at night, and asked me if he should work with the CIA. I was shocked given my experience in security. Over the next 2 months he gave me updates on 3 separate occasions about his work with the CIA.

When he asked me the question I stated “Peter, it never hurts to talk with them and there could potentially be money in it.” Meanwhile, I was cringing that he told me this, in a non classified setting (a SCIF), to a person that was not “read-in,” and to a uncleared person (me).

Then, over the next two months at the break area while getting coffee, or between meetings, he stated that they were interested in the places that we were working, the people involved, the data that we were collecting, and that the work with them was proceeding. 

Then, Huff detailed his belief that Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance was a “CIA front organization.” The statement continued:

Looking back, I now believe that EcoHealth Alliance was a CIA front organization to collect viral samples and to collect intelligence on foreign laboratory capacity. There was no way that the data collected or the models being developed, could predict transmission or pandemics.

Contextually, EcoHealth was barely solvent and it was common place to lay off employees with the ebb and flow of federal and private funding. Peter would do anything or say anything to obtain funding. Intelligence organizations often target people in financial distress.

From the CIA’s perspective, it was a great plan in my opinion, if what Dr. Peter Daszak said was true. Since it was common place for Peter to lie, I didn’t necessarily believe him when he told me. However…

Based on the past two months of the US government spending millions of dollars surveilling me and MTRX INC employees, including military aircraft, attempting to destroy my house, bugging everything in it, stealing my property, and hacking all my devices, I believe that the worst is likely true.

Prior to the public statement earlier that morning, Huff took to Twitter and claimed “members of the US Government IC community have been harassing me, broke into my house, stole hard drives, and installed electronic surveillance devices throughout my house.”

This, Huff said, suggests to him that Daszak was not lying to him when he apparently explained that he had been working for the CIA.

“EcoHealth Alliance is likely a CIA front organization. COVID-19 is the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11,” wrote Huff. “The coverup is the greatest in US History, far worse than the Iran-Contra scandal. The truth is coming out and I will testify this under oath.”

In a separate series of posts, Huff said that he “wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA/IC community orchestrated the COVID coverup acting as an intermediary between Fauci, Collins, Daszak, Baric, and many others. At best, it was the biggest criminal conspiracy in US history by bureaucrats or political appointees.”


  1. Peter Cottonton Daszak deliberately and intentionally caused a pandemic by putting all the players in place then ignoring warning signs that would be apparent to anyone with his credentials.His father was a nazi death camp guard so guess what religion.

    • And Fauci was aware of every step and funded and supported every step.
      Right at the very start of the scam, and when you read the whole lot you understand that the virus was designed “to look like a deadly virus” a retired Professor on you tube exposed, from the science journals themselves the paper trails that showed it was American and Australian scientists who created the virus and sold it to China. His site was removed very rapidly. But again scientists are not PATRIOTS. They believe themselves too clever for such primitive rubbish as loyalty They believe in money.

  2. Read up on Ronald Bernard, everyone at the top of the NWO running it controls all below it. At the very top are the fallen angels from HELL they exist by demonic possession, generationally certain top banking families. Those who leave their cult of money Moloch Mammon worship never tell that secret. All governments know it. Eisenhower signed a treaty with them after ww2 (Bill Cooper was killed for revealing it.) In exchange for their technology they are allowed to practice their religion=which is HELL=bringing Hell=satanic rituals are hell on children and all they abduct. You can find it on the web. It is called a treaty with aliens. THe fallen angles are almost the only aliens that come to earth now. They plan conquest of earth as the NWO. Then you will all (left alive) be placed into classes. Some will serve as robots. Some just for jobs such as navigation will be just computerised heads. They will replace your eyes with scanners and change the DNA and make human animals hybrids. Demonic is what they are=NOTHING OF GOD WILL REMAIN ON EARTH. Cloneing. Total slavery. NO FREE WILL IS ALLOWED. Some will be bred as vegans to be eaten by them. Some as robots in various capacities. Yoy will not have clothes. They want you naked and penned up in cages. Their unholy eucharist is adrenochrome. Eisenhower (guess what religion) gave them permission to abduct children and animals and humans for adrenochrome=think cattle mutalations.All for the technology they will now use against us.You have no idea how stupid you all are=vaccines medications that are poisons and flouride did that, plus many more ways too many to list. They made you stupid. Worse they took you from God and your souls. Earth has been terraformed to be a new Hell=to establish a new kingdom of Hell on a planet that will be cut off from the sun(life-giving energy) and die. The spirit world will be all that is left here and it will be HELL fir eternity. There is no going back, not for eons if ever at all. Every billionere and all those in positions of power are in place. You are dealing with entities that see you like you see animals or even insects. You are to exist just for their wims and the pleasure they get from sadism. They are the exact opposite of God. They are more eveil than you could ever imagine. It is their amusement and entertainment to torture anything more weak and helpless than themselves. They are DEVOLUTION=devolution down from God, below that of humans. They are demonic entitites from HELL. They are not “aliens” . They are what NASA and CERN have been up to. Making Earth their new home forever.

  3. With 12 hours to sleep on this revelation by Peter the disingenyity rears it’s ugly head There’s a lot of truth carefully presented to achieve a desired outcome That outcome takes several faces depending on which audience it s going to be directed at.
    Like the laws now, all so carefully worded to be able to be interpreted by the executive bodies whichever way suits the outcome for the accused that they like. End of the day people’s loyalty to their circle, Circ Church, is no longer generally bought by fear of hell, or any other old fashioned Christian “morality” or any other religion for that matter except amongst the peasantry. No today loyalty, to kerp secrets is only ONLY achievable by hideous blackmail By ensuring those who are privileged are totally guaranteed to never under any circumstances whatsoever, ever be able to tell the truth because their own guilt would guarantee them an agonising outcome unbearable by anyone ever at all. That’s the only way they can ever trust anyone. People will give up fortunes Kingdoms families everything just to save their own life. And “they” know it from experience.

    • And Andy tribulations, his trials and his worries of Job are all theatrical displays carefully crafted to deceive the world that just something as simple as allowing a hooker to pick you up and get you into the cot for her pay is enough to have you ruined for life. It’s not true. It’s an image created to deceive the world And yes they will sacrifice someone valuable to achieve their intentions. Of course they will. Because its worth it to them to kerp the truth secret.

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