After Calling Bitcoin A Money Laundering Tool, JPMorgan Busted For Money Laundering

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The Swiss subsidiary of US mega-bank JP Morgan has been sanctioned by Switzerland’s financial regulator FINMA for money laundering and “seriously violating supervision laws.”

The sanctions are related to breaches of due diligence in connection with money laundering standards according to the local weekly Handelszeitung. That literally means that the Wall Street banking giant assisted in money laundering.

Earlier this year, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon falsely accused Bitcoin of being a money laundering tool saying the cryptocurrency was a “fraud”.

RT reports: The ruling was reportedly issued on June 30, but the regulator did not make it known as JPMorgan has been actively trying to prevent the publication. The Federal Administrative Court has since dismissed an appeal by the bank.

It is two months since JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon slammed bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, labeling it a fraud. According to Dimon, bitcoin could be useful “if you were a drug dealer or a murderer.”

Dimon also compared bitcoin to the 17th-century Dutch tulip mania bubble. At the time, the CEO predicted the eventual demise of the digital currency and pledged to fire any trader trading bitcoin for being stupid.

“A fiat currency is when a government says this is your legal tender, you have to give it and accept it, and of course the central bank can misuse it and inflate it. But what is the use case for bitcoin? You’re in Venezuela, North Korea, you’re a criminal. Great product!” he said during a news conference in Washington.

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