Britney Spears: ‘I’m Not Bringing More Kids Into World Ruled By Pedos’

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Britney Spears says she cannot "in good conscience" bring more kids into the world because it's "ruled by pedophiles and secret societies." 

Britney Spears says she could not “in good conscience” bring anymore children into the world because it is “ruled by pedophiles and secret societies.” 

Speaking after a dangerous man attempted to rush the stage at her concert in Las Vegas, only to be wrestled to the ground by backing dancers and security staff, Britney was clearly shaken, according to the Daily Mail and TMZ, and she spoke with fear in her voice.

They are determined to finish me off,” she said to associates. “They want to make an example of me.”

At first, Spears did not see the scuffle at the other end of the Planet Hollywood stage. But then members of her security team surrounded her. “He’s got a gun?” she asked, visibly unnerved as one of her knees buckled, according to the Kansas City Star.

Already the mother of two boys, Britney Spears says she has shielded them “like a protective tiger” from the entertainment industry and it’s “nest of vipers” that feed on the fresh blood of young children.

I had to move them away from Hollywood,” Spears said. “My boys were prey. They had offers of work from a very young age, but I said no, no, no. I knew the people involved, and I know their agenda.”

They [Britney’s sons] would have been completely corrupted by now. They would come out the other side as victims or psychopaths.”

Spears has been living in Los Angeles since the early days of her pop stardom, and still owns a house in Thousand Oaks, California. But the singer is increasingly looking to spend time as far away as possible from Hollywood and the “nest of vipers” that she claims belong to Satanic secret societies.

Secret societies run the world and they have their own agenda. Until you get up close to these people you really have no idea how depraved the world really is.”