Bette Midler Says President Trump May Tweet A ‘D*ck Pic’ & ‘She Can’t Wait’

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Bette Midler has had a number of strange anti-Trump meltdowns since he took office, but this latest one might be her most bizarre one to date.

On Wednesday night, Midler really lost it when she took to Twitter claiming that President Trump might tweet a “d*ck pic” of himself because he was “thinking of something nuts.”

“I can’t wait” the left-wing actress-singer declared!

“After subpoenaing Donnie’s Deutsche Bank records, Manhattan’s DA is set to make a major announcement tomorrow,” Midler wrote. “Which means Trump’s thinking of something nuts to throw out at that exact moment to distract. Tomorrow may be the day he tweets a d*ck pic! Can’t wait!”

Breitbart reports:On Wednesday, MSN published a story about the Manhattan district attorney’s office issuing a subpoena to Deutsche Bank, and that New York prosecutors are seeking President Trump’s tax records.

When Midler is not disseminating her desires to see “a dick pic” from President Trump, she is accusing the president of murder. In May, the Freak Show actress accused President Trump of killing his voter base of “older white men and women,” adding that the president doesn’t care about the fate of the elderly. In July, Midler declared, “#DonaldJTrump is a murderer. Stupid, callous uncaring; all in all the biggest catastrophe to ever befall our poor nation. I can’t stop crying.”

Last week, the Loose Women actress blamed President Trump for the death of former Republican presidential candidate and conservative firebrand Herman Cain.

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