10,000 American Toddlers now Taking Amphetamine Based ADHD Drugs

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Did you ever think that we would see the day where is it perfectly legal to have doctors prescribe amphetamines to 2 and 3 year olds?

Well sadly, society has reached that point as this article reveals:

In a far beyond sick release of information, it has been revealed that toddlers can be prescribed amphetamines including, Ritalin, Adderall, and ‘ADHD medications’ legally. There is no rule against it, and apparently some people do not have the moral depth to understand the consequences of giving amphetamines to a mind in a stage of development that early.

About 10,000 toddlers are now known to be on amphetamines/Ritalin/other ADHD drugs. It’s almost unbelievable, I know.

The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t even have guidelines for amphetamine prescription for children below 4 years old. However, it can be expected that at such a young age, children will quickly develop a dependence on these drugs, setting the state for addiction to other amphetamines later in life including methamphetamine.

That is exactly what happens to a lot of people who use amphetamines, methamphetamine. Just imagine how badly a human being would be messed up if they did amphetamines starting at age 2.

A recent survey found that 7.5% of children ages 6-17 are currently on prescription medications for some type of mental illness, ADHD medications make up 80% of them.

This has to stop. It seems in American society today, the gap between the consciousness levels of people is getting wider. In other words, it seems a certain part of our population is getting more and more aware, intelligent, conscious, and deliberate of their actions. At the same time, another part of our population is getting more and more complicit, thinking through their actions less and less.

This epidemic of children on medications is showing the true birth-to-pharmaceutical pipeline that is being formed through pediatricians, schools and ‘Big Pharma’.

We cannot allow our society to feed toddlers amphetamines. That crosses a moral threshold so defined, so offensive, so gross, it simply must be stopped.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible, and in the future we can pursue further efforts to make sure this never, ever happens again. This is a million miles beyond sick to those who understand the effects of these drugs.’

Article by Cassius Methyl – The Anti Media.org 

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