Former NYPD Commissioner Bombshell: Texas School Massacre Was a Deep State Operation

Fact checked
Former NYPD commissioner says Texas school shooting was a Deep State op

Bernie Kerik, former New York Police Commissioner, has hinted that the ‘Deep State’ may have played a role in Tuesday’s Texas school shooting.

According to Kerik, serious questions need to be asked about how the shooting in the school at Uvalde, Texas, was allowed to take place.

“Based on what we’re hearing … there were some major problems…. The question is what was the initial response, what was the SWAT team response… why was this guy in there for almost an hour before anybody engaged him. The other question is why was this school open? How does somebody walk into a school like this?” Kerik told host Steve Bannon in an interview.


    • Or maybe it took longer than they thought to get all the kids into the pedo tunnels under the school for human trafficking.
      Bad joke. Sorry.

  1. Just like most mass shootings. Too many unanswered questions. The official narrative conflicts with what actually happened. And obviously politically motivated. Sloppy, but then they don’t seem to even try to hide it anymore.

  2. Well tell me something I don’t know! Of course the DS was involved! It’s a mass shooting… a school. It doesn’t happen if the DS isn’t involved. The day after it happened, I knew this was a false flag event. That isn’t to say that people were not killed. I’m certain that many were. The DS doesn’t have any problem whatsoever ACTUALLY killing people to pull off one of their FF extravaganzas. I caught a couple of interviews that were done with some of the various players, and I gotta say…..they must be having difficulty finding decent crisis actors. The CA’s they got for this extravaganza are just awful! Total hacks. I’m a little disappointed, really. I wonder how much this production is costing tax payers. I’m sure however much it is, it should’ve been enough to get some performers that could actually manage to squeeze even 1 tiny little tear when they are doing the 3 second, mildly grotesque fake cry! Also, I want to know what happens to the money that gets donated on Go Fund Me to the grieving performers! Hell, it’s probably getting sent to Ukraine with the rest of it!

  3. At this point even our grade schoolers know this was all orchestrated by
    the FBI global cabal handlers..100% orchestrated like SandyHook &
    all the other red flag events!
    “Gun Free Zones” are soooo deadly & dangerous. This was a wake up
    call for my family of four generations to arm ourselves to the teeth for
    protection!!! Target practice every weekend!!!
    The compromised & CORRUPT FBI investigating the orchestrated red
    flag gun grab incident!?!? Cops were told to “stand down” & let the
    deranged MK ultra hired shooter kill as many as possible for maximum
    effect in order to disarm the Nation. They took orders from their global
    cabal handlers. WAKE UP SHEEP! Cops held parents down but went in to
    rescue their own kids. STINKS!

    • Well…..that’s if we are operating under the presumption that there were ACTUALLY people killed. Which may be true……..but it also may NOT be true. Honestly, until I see these “victims” and the school with my own 2 eyeballs and get to talk to the people myself and maybe even some friends and neighbors…..and the clerk at the gas station or convenience store down the block, and get answers from the source. I can’t take any stance with any great certainty. All I know, is all of the “parents” that I have seen interviews with…..truly did not impress me as being sincere. The hispanic sheriff in the cowboy hat was not a cop. He couldn’t even be called an actor playing a cop handling a mass school shooting in a relatively small town. I don’t know what kind of sheriff that guy was playing, but it wasn’t the afore mentioned one. I’m calling horse pucky on this, and until I see ACTUAL TEARS from a grieving parent, it’s horse pucky.

  4. It is sad that the government is allowed to promote fake news and not be exposed for it. See (HR5736) and 2012 update to target Americans. Obama and the libs made it legal for the government to make and promote propaganda to the American public. Before it was only used by the military contractors to make and promote fake news to foreign governments. It is now used on Americans to control the news. 50 people are shot and 5 killed in a weekend in Chicago plus all the other places in the US on the weekend is hard to control. So you stage an event in New York and kill people in a grocery store. Not enough people upset to pass the domestic terrorist bill. Next proven way is to kill children at an elementary school. Plus you can get that bill passed against “assault weapons” and embarrass the republican governor and promote his opponent. The news media has lied to us about “Russian Collusion” for over four years. But now we are all sure they are telling us the truth?

    • Ok, again…. It is entirely possible that this was 100% fake. It’s possible there was nobody at all killed. Only way to find out is go to Uvalde and ask around. Even then who knows?
      Second thing…The government has ALWAYS used propaganda on American citizens. Just, now they can’t be held accountable for it.
      Third thing…..Abbott is an embarrassment to himself already…and to the Republican party. He’s a RINO, pure and simple. And nobody in Texas wants to vote for a Democrat. Well, nobody who can LEGALLY vote anyway.

  5. He never said “it was a Deep State operation.” Just more fake headlines
    for the gullible. We lose credibility when we believe fake headlines.

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