Thousands Gather In London To Protest Coronavirus Measures, Demand ‘Back To Normal Now’

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Coronavirus march London

Thousands of protesters gathered in central London on Saturday for the “Unite for Freedom” march.

Huge crowds, some reported as many as 35,000, rallied together against Coronavirus restrictions and mandates, including lockdowns, face masks and vaccination programs.

Speakers at the event included eminent medical doctors.

Some protesters called for an end to “government lies” over the pandemic claiming that the coronavirus is a hoax.

People started gathering in London’s Trafalgar Square around noon and then marched on to the Houses of Parliament in a show of opposition to the ongoing measures.

Protesters gather at Trafalgar Sqaure

The ‘Unite for Freedom’ group’s priorities are listed as “no more lockdowns, no social distancing, no face masks. No track and trace, no health passports. No mandatory vaccinations, no “new normal”.

According to The Sun : A poster advertising the event read: “Nothing is more important as time is very short – the Government are voting for a two-year extension of their emergency Covid-19 powers in September 2020.

“The first six months was a disaster – this must not be allowed to continue! We have to take a stand.”

Similar ‘Unite For Freedom’ protests also erupted across Europe today.

Several more protests are expected to take place across the world under the Unite for Freedom banner.

Berlin police today disbanded a mass protest in the German capital against coronavirus curbs, because marchers failed to keep their distance and wear masks as instructed.

“Unfortunately, we have no other option,” the city’s police said on Twitter, adding people had failed to comply with the safety conditions of the march.

And in Paris, crowds rallied to protest new mask rules and other restrictions prompted by rising virus infections around France.


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