French Government Vows To Make COVID Vax Mandatory for All Young Adults

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French government to make COVID vaccinations mandatory for all young adults

The French government is preparing to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory to everyone aged 24-59 – meaning it could become a criminal offence to refuse the vaccination.

After Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that he would push for the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, the French Senate eagerly expressed their desire to expand the measure to cover ALL young and middle-aged adults.

“The body published a report from its Common Mission of Information on Thursday, advocating for mandatory vaccinations of young to middle-aged adults on the grounds it could significantly lower hospitalization rates and deaths,” reports RT. reports: Mandatory vaccines are being pushed partly because the country is lagging behind other European countries in their rollout, with under a quarter of people aged 30-49 having been inoculated and only half of 50-64 year-olds receiving the jab.

The government is also considering sending doctors lists of people who haven’t taken the vaccine so they can be pressured into getting it, while the ability for the unvaccinated to submit negative COVID tests in order to be able to travel could also be withdrawn.

This isn’t the first time that France has considered imposing draconian measures to make people take the vaccine.

Back in December, a bill was proposed that would have banned unvaccinated people from being able to use basic services like public transport.

The proposed law mandated that citizens have proof of a negative COVID test or “preventative treatment, including the administration of a vaccine” in order to “access transport or to some locations, as well as certain activities.”

However, the legislation was dropped after fierce protests. One wonders if French people will have the same reaction to the prospect of mandatory vaccinations.


  1. Tres bien comrade democratique .Fantastiqe Liberty Egalite Freternity Eternity Allons enfantes de la patrie ,le jour de glorie te arrive

    • Good question, Ricky; the French Government will be committing Crimes Against Humanity as well as grossly violating the Nuremberg Code for vowing to make the mNRA “vaccine” mandatory.
      This so-called CV vax hasn’t been approved; thus, it’s nothing more than an experimental drug, which cannot be given to anybody – including young adults – without their informed consent, period. If the French Government refuses to adhere to the ICC’s decisions on such cases, then all those politicians vowing to defy the laws against turning young adults into guinea pigs need to be charged with these crimes and imprisoned.

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