WEF Calls for Democratic Elections To Be Banned: “The Elite Can Decide Who Runs the World”

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WEF calls for elections to be banned

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has declared that it’s time to ban elections worldwide and allow the elite to decide to runs the world.

“We can create a system where we don’t even need democratic elections, because we can predict how you are going to be thinking and feeling,” Klaus said.

Technocracy.news reports: Never mind that democratic elections are a thing of the far past. In the last twenty or so years there was hardly any election around the world that was not somehow manipulated by the Masters of the Universe… even in the homeland of the Masters and self-styled emperors.

Interestingly, Schwab always refers to We, as in WE control you, your thoughts, your feelings, we put you in a “predictive” mode.

What Mr. Schwab never says, though, it is strongly implicit, is that the “We’s” in control of the electronically geared brain waves will influence your thinking the way We want it to be.

See below a 5 min video-clip for the full Terrifying Moments of crazy “predictive planning”. Because it is a cult ritual, Klaus Schwab – and others of his dark-age ilk, predicting, telling, and warning the people of what they are planning to do with us, We, the People, is a MUST, for them to be successful.

In another WEF Davos24 session, somebody asked – “What can we do to avoid that the wrong President is being elected?” 

There were no names named, but it was obvious that the commentor was referring to Donald Trump, an anti-globalist, who would take the US in a landslide, If FAIR elections were held today.

We are currently in the western world living under a Cult dictatorship, and most of us have not even noticed yet. Impregnated by thousands of years-old cult-thinking, dark actions will be successful only, if they are told in one way or another to the people who will be affected.  

Often it is done in disguise, or in a way of fantasizing, or by movies (Hollywood is part of the Cult Culture), so that people take it in stride and will not revolt. When it hits them, it is too late.

The obsession of implanted chips and AI ruling our everyday lives, robots replacing humans in the labor markets, has been going on for a long time. The indoctrination or social engineering as one of the principal mind manipulation agencies, the UK-based Tavistock Institute calls it, has been carried out in perfection. Tavistock is likely working together, with Hollywood, taking the pulse in events like WEF-Davos, UN General Assembly and many more international, as well as local events, learning about people’s reactions and impulses.

That is why today it is so difficult to see the hoax, for example, the climate farce and even recognize having been duped. Admitting to oneself and to others having fallen for the lie or mind manipulation is the most difficult hurdle to overcome – and to wake up. The social engineers know it.

We are living in cognitive dissonance in a dystopian environment, where everything goes and becomes “normal”. We are far beyond George Orwell’s 1984 – where war is peace, and hatred is love.

At the WEF Davos24, somebody was quoted as saying “We have to Bomb our Way to Peace”. Sorry, the reference is no longer available. It has become victim to “fact-checkers” eliminating “false information”.

We MUST be aware and alert to what is going on around us. While they are scaremongering in Brussels about the coming implementation of Digital ID which would be linked to everything personal, health records, vaxx-records, bank records, and ultimately to the all controlling programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). When that happens, and we let it happen by neglect – then, we are cooked.

The Digital ID, a misnomer because it is not just an ID, in a form of disguise, is being built up in reverse. In Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, people are being coerced into QR-code / smartphone e-banking which is the first step to controlling money, what you are buying and where you are buying or making any monetary transaction, because you are being tracked through the smartphone. The QR-code collects all the data.

The banking tyranny is already here. If you want to continue using your bank account, you must abide by the financial system’s rules. Nothing to do with laws – it is the rules-based order.

The QR-code can hold an almost unlimited amount of personal data, as well as data related to where and for what you spend your money – eventually knowing more about you, than you know yourself.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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