Lawyers For Prince Andrew Hold ‘Emergency Talks’ Amid Fears Ghislaine Maxwell Could ‘Name Names’

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Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have been locked ‘in emergency talks’ amid fears that his old pal Ghislaine Maxwell could ‘name names’ following her guilty verdict.

Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison after a New York court found her guilty of she procuring, grooming and trafficking young girls for her ex-lover, the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The verdict concluded a month long trial featuring sordid accounts of rape by numerous victims who were trafficked to powerful politicians, members of British royalty and businessmen.

The Sun reports: The jury’s verdict to convict Maxwell has sparked alarm in the Prince’s legal team because the burden of proof in a criminal case is far higher than in a civil case, the Mirror reports.

Legal experts reportedly point to OJ Simpson who was acquitted in criminal court but was found guilty of double murder in a civil case.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Maxwell could start “naming names” in a bid to cut her lengthy prison sentence.

The socialite, 60, and Andrew, 61, are believed to have known each other for the better part of two decades and she is alleged to have introduced him to Jeffrey Epstein.

She and the paedophile are believed to have been dating at the time – and the Duke is believed to have subsequently struck up a friendship with Epstein.

A legal source connected with Maxwell’s case told The Mail on Sunday the guilty verdict could spell trouble for the royal.

“This could be bad news for Prince Andrew and other high-profile men who hung out with Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein,” the source said.

“It is possible she will begin to co-operate and tell what she knows in an attempt to lessen her jail term.

“We know that prosecutors are looking at other co-conspirators in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring.

“Ghislaine undoubtedly possesses information which could assist prosecutors in other cases. If she decides to co-operate, her testimony could be devastating.

“She was Epstein’s right-hand woman for years, imagine what she knows?”

Maxwell was found not guilty of enticing a minor to engage in an illegal sex act – one of six charges against her.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that Andrew’s team claim Maxwell’s trial was “disastrous” for his accuser after one victim named ‘Carolyn’ told the court Virginia Roberts introduced her to Epstein.

The Duke’s lawyers are considering calling Carolyn to testify in the civil case along with other fellow Epstein victims, reports say.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre vehemently denies any role in Epstein’s sex ring.

Andrew’s friendship with Maxwell is reported to have become more prominent in the early noughties.

Former royal protection officer Paul Page told Vanity Fair during that time Maxwell was able to “just breeze into the Palace like she was one of the royal family”.

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