Grapes Sell For £8,350 In Japan, World’s Most Expensive

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The world’s most expensive bunch of sweet red grapes of the Ruby Roman variety was sold to a customer in Japan‘s Ishikawa prefecture for £8,350.

Japan Daily Mail reports:

Seasonal fruit offerings in Japan routinely attract massive sums from buyers seeking social prestige, or from shop owners wanting to attract customers.

Shopkeeper Takamaru Konishi happily splashed out 1.1million yen for the bunch of 30 Ruby Romans, which works out as the equivalent of £280 per grape.

Each Ruby Roman grape is the size of a ping-pong ball and they are extremely sweet.Japan

A delighted Mr Konishi said: ‘These are truly Ruby Roman gems.

Takamaru Konishi

‘We will display them at our store before giving our customers a sample taste.’

Ruby Roman grapes are only grown in Ishikawa prefecture, a region on the north coast of Japan which specialises in growing fruit.

Today’s auction kicked off the fruit-selling season in Japan.

Other fruits, from apples to watermelons, are also expected to fetch jaw-dropping sums.

Fruit is comparatively expensive in Japan and it is not unusual for a single apple to cost as much as £2.30.

In Japanese culture it is common for expensive fruit to be given as a guest by wealthy individuals or corporations.

The king of fruits in the country is the melon, which serves as a status symbol akin to a vintage wine, and is given as a high-ranking gift.

A single pair of melons fetched £9,500 at an auction last year.

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