Video: Nice Terror Attack Suspect Gunned Down By French Police

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Video shows police in Nice on the French Riviera firing into the cab of a truck after the suspected driver, Tunisian born French resident Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, mowed down over a hundred people including children on Bastille Day, killing  at least 84.

Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s identity as the driver has not yet been confirmed by French police.

The Telegraph reports:

What do we know about his background?

According to several French reports, Bouhel was born in Tunisia in 1985 and had a French residency permit.

According to Tunisian security sources, Lahouaiej Bouhlel hailed from the Tunisian town of Msaken, which is close to the seaside city of Sousse, where 38 people, including 30 Britons, were gunned down by terrorists in June 2015.

French television station BFM TV reported that he was a divorced father-of-three who had become depressed following the breakdown of his marriage.

Police raided his flat, where he reportedly lived alone, in the Abattoirs area of Nice on Friday morning.

His wife was reportedly taken into protective custody and was questioned by police on Friday.

‘Depressed and unstable’

Neighbours described Bouhel as a depressed – sometimes aggressive – man who was not particularly interested in religion, and kept to himself.

They said that he had been unhappy since he divorced his wife two years ago, and that he suffered from financial problems.

Those who lived near him said he had been “depressed and unstable, even aggressive” of late. They put this down to his “marital and financial problems”.

One told BFM TV he was “more into women than religion”.

“He (didn’t) pray and like(d) girls and Salsa,” according to BFM’s crime correspondent.

One 40-year-old neighbour, who would only give her first name Jasmine, said: “He was rude and bit weird.

“We would hold the door open for him and he would just blank [us]. He kept himself to himself but would always rant about his wife. He had marital problems and would tell people in the local cafe. He scared my children though.”

She added: “He was very smart with the same haircut as George Clooney.”Nice

Nice USA Today reports:

Exclusive: Raw video of French police shooting at truck cab