Calvin Harris Drops Vaccine Truth Bombs To Millions Of Twitter Followers

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Calvin Harris dropped a series of truth bombs about vaccines on Twitter, defying Big Pharma by sharing real information about health.

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris dropped a series of truth bombs on Twitter this week, defying Big Pharma by sharing real information about health and vaccine safety with his millions of followers. 

Calvin Harris took to Twitter to criticize British Prime Minister Theresa May for walking out to his song This Is What You Came For at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, England. But in the end, he only ended up getting attention for feuding with a couple of doctors after he tweeted-then-deleted some health advice for “grey faced” Theresa May.

The Scottish 33-year-old DJ wrote:

Of course, Calvin Harris was quickly attacked by trolls determined to shoot down his health advice.

Dispensing holistic health advice on social media is a minefield, as many well-intentioned people can attest.

But the experience did not dissuade Calvin Harris, who has over 12 million Twitter followers, from continuing his crusade to educate the masses.

On Thursday, Calvin argued with another doctor over the toxicity of vaccines, even providing receipts and government reports to prove his argument. See the entire exchange (below)





Of course, the sight of a DJ handing out common-sense health advice to millions of followers was enough to send the GP into a frenzy, and she unleashed a series of personal, patronizing insults in his direction. How dare he suggest to his millions of followers that they should research the ingredients in vaccines themselves, rather than rely on the government to tell them what is good for them! And how dare he suggest the body should be cleansed with healthy food!

These “conspiracy theories” are the type of dangerous thinking that could reduce Big Pharma’s profits!

In this case, I’ll take the DJ’s word over the GP’s biased statements. Why? Because I had personal observations and experience starting 40 years ago, and then started researching 35 years ago. And guess what? There are many doctors opposed to vaccinations, but there is a huge financial and political agenda which either plows them under or keeps them silent, or hides their words from the public.

It is in everybody’s interest to dig a little deeper. There are mountains and mountains of money-generated manure to clear away before you will find the truth on this subject. Vaccines are incredibly profitable to Big Pharma and the CDC.

Start by with looking up Del BigTree, the producer of “The Doctors,” who left the program (you simply cannot be opposed to the industry’s agenda on TV) to produce “VaXxed,” followed by Dr. Rachael Ross, who also departed the show to follow the truth.

The truth is out there, but you must actively search for it.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. It’s funny how a successful and famous people speak out against the elite and there scams to poison the people and are told they are uneducated. Guess the time of free thinking and right to free speach is over. Sad world we live in and keep up the pressure on these ass clown Calvin, your a leader in this world and people will listen to you.

  2. Typical anti-vaxxer — takes a DJ’s health advice over that of qualified doctors. You people are truly the dumbest lot on the planet. Morons.

    • typical pro vaxxer takes the side of the money hungry doctors who have alot to lose if people wake up to the dangers of vaccines

    • Texshan I do understand where you’re coming from and how it looks. But people don’t realize: doctors are not research scientists. Most of them really do not know much about vaccines except what everyone is told. I dare you to go to your average doctor, ask them what the vaccine inserts say. 95% of them will not know. That to me, is a problem. That’s why people get second opinions – no one fallible. I don’t think it’s very hard to find out information ourselves, by looking on the CDC site, and in medical journals, and what I’ve found worries me.

      • It only worries you because you don’t understand it, Michael. Too many people read inserts (which, by the way, are written by lawyers for the pharmaceutical industry) and freak out, because it sounds scary. But they don’t understand WHAT they are reading. They don’t know the difference between “side effects” and “adverse events.” They don’t understand why different ingredients are in the vaccines. If they took the inserts to their doctor and discussed it with them, then their fears would be relieved. But too many anti-vaxxers are narcissists who can’t accept the fact that anyone is more knowledgeable than them about anything. So they hate doctors, and the people who rely on them. I have spoken to my physician about different vaccines he has recommended, and he has always answered my questions.

    • Have you done any in depth research? l would say NOT because what l keep finding over and over is that everyone that believes in Vaccines have done no research just like the Doctors who learn nothing about Vaccines at all in Medical School and those that do not believe in Vaccines, like myself have done the research. Have you done the research?

      • This “Punditator” character is a well-known Big Pharma shill. You’re wasting your time arguing with a soul-less mercenary who endorses the poisoning of children. It’s their job. Best ignored.

        • LOL. You’re hilarious.

          Doctors most assuredly learn about vaccines in medical school. It’s only brain-dead losers like you fools who claim they don’t. You also think that reading posts on social media and blogs of people selling snake oil is “research.” 99% of ALL of the medical minds in the world agree that vaccines save lives. All of you should have your children taken away from you, because you are all negligent parents.

          • The aluminum has been absorbed and taken effect. For you it’s too late …. my concern is saving the lives of others. Enjoy what little time you have left. You are the victim of your own negligence.

        • Your opinion about Google U is actually absolutely incorrect.
          “Maybe we shouldn’t really be surprised to know that our doctors are Googling our medical problems.
          A new survey by Wolters Kluwer Health shows that 46 percent of doctors frequently use sites like Google and Yahoo for treating, diagnosing or caring for their patients, The Atlantic reported.”

          Maybe you should do some more research before spouting off your uninformed incorrect opinions? Just an idea.

          • Yeah right. Perhaps I should get all my vaccine info from Natural News or Vaccine Truth.

          • Perhaps, that’d probably be a good start. I can guarantee you that Google knows far more than your doctor about the vast majority of medical topics, including and especially vaccines.

          • And your thinking that those are good information sources proves my point about those Google degrees.

          • no proves you are closed minded moron unable to process newly received information conflicting with your dogma

          • I have a degree in Pharmacy and a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics. That means I have the educational background to actually evaluate the validity of medical articles. The stuff at Natural News and Vaccine Truth is not reliable medical information. Your acceptance of that nonsense does not say much for your educational background.

          • not impressed. i have a degree or two as well. sure the information on those sites isn’t reliable but neither is what you rely on, your contrary opinion notwithstanding. I’m not the one who disregards the value of google.

          • Peer reviewed studies are far and away better than the majority of nonsense that the google docs glom on to.

          • As a pharmacist do you inform your clients of all the possible side-effects and adverse reactions that may occur after you inject them with the vaccine? Do you give them a copy of the insert, if they ask for it before you inject them? Do you inform them of the fact that vaccine may be as little as 10% effective? Probably not. These are the signs of the faithful of the religion of vaccine, no information, just belief.

          • Patients are provided a vaccine information sheet that does indeed list possible side effects Never had a patient request the insert. And of course you have the flu effectiveness number wrong. It was approximately 10 % effective against H3N2 strain in Australia. It was considerably more effective against other strains. You assume many “facts” not in evidence, as they say in court.

          • I only dispensed vaccines to people. The chickens, being dead and processed, no longer needed vaccinations.

          • The chickens? They had their throats slit at the processing plant. Don’t need a vaccine after that.

          • You’re not following. You get to kill animals tom, surely that appeals to you?

          • lol, you should just get it somewhere, your ignorant posts make you look like a fool.

      • They are mentally lazy and rely on appeal to authority. It allows those mentally lazy sorts to sound and act smart. But they aren’t wise enough to know that bluff will be called.

    • What type of doctor is a TRUE expert in vaccines? If there was one he/she would have been involved in the research and manufacture of every vaccine. They would have been involved in testing everyone in single and with all other vaccines in combination. These doctors would have been involved in studies of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. Need I go on? OR would you like to edit your comment instead?

      • That’s ridiculous. You have unrealistic standards, and only demand them because you know they are impossible to meet. And, as has been pointed out time and time again, it is unethical to have a study of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. No IRB would sign off on that. You people are so stupid.
        I feel sorry for your autistic kid. I wonder if he or she knows that their dad is disappointed in them, and wishes they were someone other than who they are?

  3. I’m old enough to remember Polio, TB, smallpox, whooping cough etc. You really do not want to know these diseases which were wiped out by vaccinations. I have a flu shot every year but I order one
    preservative and mercury free.

    • ‘Polio’ was CAUSED by the vaccinations and DDT then renamed so that it appeared to disappear. You have polio bacteria all over you every day. If your stomach and immune system is not totally destroyed you will not get infected. Unless you react to the toxins in your flu shot and get hospitalised by ‘complications’ then get a staph infection from a ‘super’ bug. Bloody Western Medicine hocus pocus pretending to understand health when they study sickness !!!!

          • Oh, I don’t know, just years of education and practice. What medical education do you have other than that, oh so prestigious Google U. degree?

          • tom you and so many turfers think there is only one group of people on the planet who are intelligent. If you were, you wouldn’t say something so ludicrous. The Google u is troll 101. Try a mature response and show how your ability to be open minded. If you can.

          • Dudd, you and CIA and RonRoy and the rest of your anti-vaxxers demonstrate with every post my point about all you google u grads.

          • None of your business. These discussions are more about opinion and propaganda than medical practice. You yourself post the trollism Google U which is juvenile.

          • In short, you are confirming that you have no formal medical education and your the bulk, if not the entirety of your “medical education” is google u. If pointing out the obvious is trollism then I plead guilty.

          • You are guilty of being ignorant and by the way, actually knowing something about a topic does not make one arrogant.

          • Not at all. A reasonable question to determine if dadd has the knowledge base to support his claims. He doesn’t. In fact, his posts routinely demonstrate he has little medical knowledge or understanding of medicine or science.

          • You mean his knowledge of the Rockefeller corrupted Allopathic medicine? So you want to ask if his credentials meet the requirements of this bogus historical excuse of “medicine” to include vaccines to validate his point? That is pretty absurd don’t you think? Look to the 1000s of years of medicinal history available (Eastern [TCM and Ayurveda] and Western [Homeopathic and Naturopathic]) as well as Shamanic healing. All these modalities predate your beloved death medicine aka Allopathy. You are woefully ignorant, which means you are presented with facts and choose to ignore them. All this can be verified not only on Google but in actual libraries with books made of paper. Maybe one day you will wake up, but it appears you are a bought and paid for shill.

          • I have a pharmacy degree and a Ph.D in Pharmaceutics. Actual scientific fields (unlike Ayurveda or homeopathy or naturopathy.). Dadd’s posts call in to question whether he passed his high school science classes.

          • You don’t think there is any science to Ayurveda,TCM, Homeopathy, or Naturopathy? You can’t be serious. And then you are going to throw out your Harmaceuticals credentials expecting that to mean something? What level of certification and knowledge do you have to make that claim against the ancient ways of healing? How many years of study into those modalities did you spend? Or are you just spewing for the sake of spewing? Your Harmaceutical PhD ain’t gonna cover you there. Poor “in-doctor-nated” soul doesn’t even know how misguided and harmful his PhD is to humanity. Good luck in your next life atoning for your egregious ways in this one.

          • I am a retired pharmacist and scientist and actually know a thing or two about medicine and medical science. As to vaccines, I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. My vaccinations are up to date and next month I will get the 2nd and final shingles vaccination. I do that because those vaccinations protect my health.

          • Barber’s claims have a no basis in fact. None. That isn’t ridiculous, it is scientific reality.

          • Except that they do. Your opinions have no basis in fact. Stick with hunting post where you have some legitimacy.

          • Really? Cite the legitimate scientific studies that support a single one of those claims.

          • Tom, produce the “legitimate” studies that show the polio vaccine eliminated what was called polio prior to the polio vaccine being used. It’s your claim, your burden of proof.

          • Hilarious, 1st link is an OPINION piece, 3rd link page not found, 4th link CDC statement page.

          • Where is the actual data in your 2nd link? And this is the period after the definition had been changed, you failed to produce what I asked for. Got anything else?

          • Stick to hashing it out with the animal rights dupes. At least there you a clue on the the subject you are posting on.

          • 1. Francis T, Jr, Korns R, Voight R, Boisen M, Hemphill F, Napier J, et al. An evaluation of the 1954 poliomyelitis vaccine trials: summary report. Am J Public Health. 1955;45(suppl):1–50. [PMC free article] [PubMed]

            The final stages of the global eradication of polio
            TJ John – 2000 – Mass Medical Soc
            N Engl J Med 2000; 343:806-807September 14, 2000DOI:


            HTML] The eradication of polio—progress and challenges

            MA Pallansch, HS Sandhu – New England Journal of Medicine, 2006 – Mass Medical Soc

            … N Engl J Med 2004;350:645-646

          • ok tommy, which one of these papers is a “legitimate” study that conclusively shows the polio vaccine eradicated what was called polio before the mass polio campaign? The correct answer is NONE OF THEM. Back to the drawing board, or chalk board for you.

          • There you go. One of the original articles. I doubt it will mean much to someone as clearly scientifically illiterate as you.

          • That’s priceless from a guy who posts articles with the Polio in the title and hopes the article contains relevant evidence when it does not. You’ve never actually read a peer reviewed research paper, have you?

          • What a joke. I have published them. I have a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, did a stint as a visiting scientist at the National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, AR, am on multiple patents, and taught pharmacy for almost a decade. I KNOW vaccines work from the decades of science that confirms their effectiveness. I put my money where my mouth is, keeping up to date on my vaccinations. In a few weeks I will get my 2nd Shingrix vaccination and take concerns about ever getting shingles of my list. You are completely clueless.

          • Lol, that’s why you’ve posted links to papers you obviously haven’t read? You’re the joke, even more so if have published a paper you should know better.

          • If you haven’t read tom’s links , brace yourself. One doesn’t work and the other 3 are the same old. One however admits live oral polio vac caused illness.

          • In today’s world that’s spelled $cientific reality. The results of $cientific $sudies are paid for by drug companies.

          • Oh my, tom said scientific reality. I guess tom hasn’t heard how many fake papers are in journals and how researchers fake the peer review process.

    • Do the research;don’t just repeat the disinfo. The major success of the polio vaccine was the CDC’s subtraction of acute flaccid myelitis cases from the statistics on cases of polio. This made the number of cases of polio go WAY down while having no effect on disease. Vaccinated kids spread polio, as in every other disease managed by a vaccine. I had three cousins with polio, one of them in an iron lung a lot of the time over the years, until she died at age 17. Now that here brother and sister are in their sixties, they’re experiencing a recurrence of autoimmune symptoms as their immune systems decline.

    • And I’m old enough to have had mild childhood illness like mumps and chicken pox, and lived to tell the tell. I’m also old enough to have seen how the narrative has changed beyond recognition since I was at uni in the 80s and 90s, when pharmaceutical industry overreach was being predicted and warned about (vaccine manufacturers were protected from liability around that time too).

      There was never a vaccine for TB, or scarlet fever, so where did they go? The same way as most other disease mortality that benefited from public health reforms and sanitation, not vaccine campaigns (steep disease mortality decline pre-dates mass vaccination).

      Also, people who cry “but polio” don’t seem to realise how bloated the current childhood schedule has become, and that children are being banned from daycare and school for missing a single booster. That level of mandating vaccines and ostracisation never happened, even in the bad old polio days. Vaccines are almost never administered individually these days, like polio was- they are multi-dose shots that have NEVER been tested for their safety when given in combination. They are being recommended to pregnant women, despite NO testing of safety, which was a total no no until recently.

      Here’s the US childhood vaccine schedule, and Australia is not far behind:

      • here is the accurate history, People simply can’t get away with saying “polio was terrible, therefore the vaccine was good and must have worked” just because the propaganda promoting vaccination has told us so. It’s truly not that simple.

  4. Mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines and is highly toxic to the human body. It could easily be filtered out before injection but the science seems to want to poison the vaccine recipients so they get sick. Of course that means more patients for doctorors to dish out more pharmatoxosis. Aluminium also an injected toxin (adjuvant) can enhance the toxicity of mercury significantly as they are highly reactive together. Just google for “mercury aluminium reaction” and watch on youtube.

    • Eh, no. Mercury hasn’t ever been used in single does vaccines that most in the west get and herein lies the problem. The thing interweb geniuses say causes things like autism has never been in vaccines. In 2005ish, they removed it from all vaccines for kids. Guess what? Autism rates went up.

      • Um no. Mercury/Thimerosal is in the flu shot which is, yes, given to kids and pregnant women ( not tested for safety might I add). Autism rates correlate with increased number of vaccines, introduction of glyphosate, and age at which a child receives MMR. Is one to blame, all or a combination? No research has been done. So the science hasn’t spoken to prove either right or wrong, but that doesn’t mean that clinical data shouldn’t be taken seriously. More kids are becoming neurologically damage with increased vaccination, these parents were all pro-vaccines before they saw their child become injure. Our own government has rewarded billions to vaccine injured children/adults. Just this year the vaccine compensation program rewarded a family for their child with autism. So if our own government admits to it why won’t you?

          • You sir are full of it, u work for pharmas so shut up and leave this forum.

            Evil nut go away and go back in your hole, baabyyeee

          • You haven’t shown any facts other than you are a troll. You can believe whatever you want, but don’t peddle your disinfo here. We are not interested.

          • Troll doesn’t mean that someone dared to disagree with you on the interwebs. I posted facts. You might not like them, but they are still facts. Interested or not, the facts are the facts.

          • You have presented zero facts. IDGAF what you say, I choose what I believe based on my own research, not anyone who has a bought and paid opinion or biased agenda. In the real world you can find numerous victims of vaccine injury. In my small town alone I know of 3 personally unfortunately. Don’t reply because i am not interested in your horse crap.

          • So, you have taken a MMR vaccine and tested it for Thimerosal? Tell me about your known cases and how you know? Did you diagnose them yourself? Where did you get your degree?

          • Why would you care what I say? None of the answers to these questions will satisfy you so why ask them? An appeal to authority is a logical fallacy anyway. If you want to inject yourself with that crap, then by all means go ahead. But don’t sit around here and try to force others to do the same. If you choose to remain willfully ignorant, that is a choice you are free to make. Just STFU already.

          • U are an utter and totall scam. “Science facts” really hahahaha made up by farmas to make big money. Some vaccines we need just a few, dont sell me crap facts u dont even mention because there arent any facts to back your story up.

            Go sleep and whine in a corner u moronn or better go get yourself some vaccines might kill u even faster, oh no u know that already u fkn lying s o a b.

            Go repent for your disinfo. Sleep tight

          • Well, the CDC says the MMR vaccine never had Thimerosal. Feel free to prove that it did. Now, I know, that Billy’s mom said that it did, but that is not actually proof.

          • What are you talking about dude.

            I worked for Médecins sans frontières for several years in afghanistan and i know what vaccines actually work and which are an utter scam.

            U seem to have 0 knowledge on this case and are copy pasting info from pharma website.

            Dare to challenge me. U are selling horsecrap and u know it.

          • I see that you didn’t bother to address the actual facts, but chose to move on to Assghanistan, which has nothing to do with this.

          • the same vaccines used by the UN, sells everywhere u utter bafoon.

            U are a shill and an disinformed monkey. Bedtime kiddo

          • Research yourself u bafoon, i will absolutely not help u and will not provide u with any info since u are spamming horsecrap here, last comment i make to bafoon, goodday

          • i doubt Zionist has ever been anywhere near Afghanistan, much less with Medecins sans frontieres.

          • Thimerosal mercury kills. It would kill the live virus in MMR. Makes you wonder why something that can kill lifeforms would be injected into babies ever.

          • The problem being that it isn’t and countries that have never ever used it have higher autism rates than the US. So, are you against Thimerosal or autism?

          • Complete bullshit. Tell me what countries have higher autism rates than the USA. Yea I’m against the most poisonous substance on Earth being used in the medical field. And I’m against autism which ruins lives, families and causes misery. Surprised?

          • The things you nutters think are reasonable arguments. You are what desperate and ignorant look like.

          • Um, yeah, mercury/thimerosal isn’t in the MMR. If you read what I said, that wasn’t my claim. Nor that thimerosal causes autism. So not wrong. I merely said the science isn’t done and therefore isn’t settled. And if you bothered to read a flu vaccine insert, provided by the manufacturer, it even says it hasn’t been tested on pregnant women for safety.

          • Since science is never “settled”, I would have to agree. And, if I were a pregnant woman, I wouldn’t take a vaccine or anything else that I didn’t have to take.

          • What countries have higher autism rates than the USA. And what are your thoughts on autism being found almost everywhere in the world? What common denominator exists worldwide?

        • This “Punditator” character is a well-known Big Pharma shill. You’re wasting your time arguing with “it”. It’s their job. Best ignored.

      • “Astoundingly, the total level of mercury exposure, if a child receives all the possible CDC-recommended vaccinations that are still Thimerosal preserved, from 6 months to 18 years of age, has actually increased. Significantly, if you put the amount of mercury added to the immunization schedule as a result of the CDC-recommended seasonal and (in 2009) H1N1 flu shots** on one side of a scale, and the amount of mercury that was subtracted from that schedule by reformulating early childhood vaccines without Thimerosal on the other side, the total amount of mercury added far outweighs the amount of mercury subtracted. In addition, today most tetanus shots and the multi-dose Sanofi Menomune® vaccine that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still contain 25-micrograms-a-dose mercury.” Trace Amounts

        • It simply isn’t true. The whole Thimerosal thing has been BS from the start and may have even provided cover for an actual problem, but morons need easy and parroting the Thimerosal nuts is really easy.

          • Mercury Poisoning causes the very same neurological outcome as presented by Autism.
            The brain pathology in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) indicates marked and ongoing inflammatory reactivity with concomitant neuronal damage. These findings are suggestive of neuronal insult as a result of external factors, rather than some type of developmental mishap. Various xenobiotics have been suggested as possible causes of this pathology. In a recent review, the top ten environmental compounds suspected of causing autism and learning disabilities were listed and they included: methyl-mercury. Looking at 91 studies that examine the potential relationship between mercury and ASD from 1999 to February 2016. Of these studies, the vast majority (74%) suggest that mercury is a risk factor for ASD, revealing both direct and indirect effects. The preponderance of the evidence indicates that mercury exposure is causal and/or contributory in ASD.

          • Candy corn might cause the same symptoms as well, but since it isn’t in vaccines, it doesn’t matter. The most likely cause of Autism is older people with failing genes making the selfish decision to have children, but at this point the spectrum is so wide, any kid can get diagnosed with it.

          • Brain damaged dysfunctional children are a result of neurologically damaging mercury vaccines. The Autism diagnoses was widened to mask the real cause of brain damage due to vaccines. Nature takes care of people too old to bare children by providing menopause and impotence. Oh yeah and lets not forget about the lowering of testosterone by mercury poisoning which reduces the desire to procreate by both male and female.

          • The problem is that the source of you supposed mercury poisoning doesn’t exist. Why can’t you vax nutters get that through your thick heads? Mercury may well be the cause, but the source of the mercury cannot be what you claim, but you don’t try to actually find the truth (and you have ignored it so far) you just double down on stupid.

          • I am not a vax nutter but clearly you are. I am against all vaccines. The science is corrupt and has no validity. The source of the mercury as I have previously stated is in the vaccines. I don’t need to find the truth because I know the truth. Vaccines cause Autism and that is why Pharmaceutical companies have indemnity from prosecution and cannot be sued after the mercury has gone to work brain damaging innocent children.

          • The facts do not back up your version. Period. You and The other nutters have to make things up, so you have nothing.

          • You are obviously a paid troll and part of the massive marketing budget of the pharma complex that should be spent on finding “real” cures. Do you really think you can keep pushing toxic vaccines on people and prevent them from finding out the callous nature of the house of cards control system? You are a busted flush and you need to get a real job.

          • I’m going to take The win since all you have to back up your argument are insults and bad information.

          • This “Punditator” character is a well-known Big Pharma shill. You’re wasting your time arguing with “it”. It’s their job. Best ignored.

          • Your credibility just dropped like a stone in water. Explain how YOUNG parents end up with children suffering the same effects.

          • Bad genes? Autism has gone up since people started waiting until later in life to have kids.

          • That is a suggestion. Explain why young parents have children with autism. It shoots down the bogus age theory in FLAMES

          • Because they do. The rise in autism is most certainly from older fathers/bad seed and from making the diagnosis wider. Now every loser parent that has any kid with any issue demands a autism diagnosis so they can be part of something. Having a kid with autism doesn’t make you an expert on it any more than Gaddy Giffords is an expert on guns because she got shot in the head.

        • Thimersol doesn’t explain it because there is no increased use of it. Actually, the use of it has decreased. What has increased is environmental issues and people waiting until later in life to have children. If you want to know what caused the increase, you are forced to look at what increased at the same time. The rise in Down Syndrome has been linked directly to older fathers. Perhaps autism is the same kind of thing. Bad seed.

          • What rubbish. Hey here’s a new one you can parrot. There is more autism BECAUSE more kids survive childhood KILLER DISEASES.

          • You are fact proof. Your last straw man would have very little to do with the percentages though. They might go down, but it would be very slight. You don’t want the truth. You want someone to blame.

  5. Only idiots think they need needles to survive. Some like government needles full of poisons, others like street needles full of drugs.

  6. It’s not that controversial or difficult to demonstrate that, though useful when it comes to accidents and trauma, and however well-meanging they are as individuals, doctors are NOT significantly or extensively trained in nutrition or vaccination during their basic medical training. They tend to have to go and seek extra holistic training to follow Hippocrates’ own words, “Let thy food be thy medicine” and they really only rote learn the vaccine schedule they are supposed deliver, beyond the basic theory of how immunity is supposed to work.

    Unfortunately, too, doctors are not trained in the history of their own profession, either, which was deliberately set up in the early part of the twentieth century, to support pharmaceutical interests and interventions. Unfortunately, when doctors become disillusioned with reductionist allopathic medicine, and do seek a broader knowledge base, they are called Quacks by the old guard. I only know about this history because I’ve studied Medical Sociology at university in the 80s and 90s, where we unpackaged what medical training consists of. I’ve also read about followed the gradual rise of pharmaceutically-dominated health, and attacks on everything else, back then and over the last few decades. Clearly the current vaccine push is motivated by politics and commerce, not public health outcomes (people are not dying from infectious diseases very much at all, but are sicker than ever).

    What doctors are trained to believe (by a process of trauma-induced Stockholm Syndrome, it seems to me, due to long hours of training and sleep-deprivation) is to assume a position of power and reward for claiming that power- the belief that their often outdated knowledge about health, much of which comes directly via drug industry reps, or at the very least research funded by that industry, is superior to everyone else’s, and trumps other healing modalities. Even when they know nothing about the ingredients or documented risks of vaccines, and have only spent a few hours on something as fundamental as nutrition. Despite information about the microbiome and gut health, and its effects on both immunity and mental health, gaining traction in recent research.

    I know and have been to some lovely medically-trained doctors, but I have have also been lied to by an obstetrician, shouted at by a GP over my son’s mild case of chicken pox (something we all had as kids before a vaccine was ever invented and spruiked), prescribed an antibiotic for a fungal infection (WTF?!) and told by a male doctor that he knew more about my monthly cycle than I did. Pretty bizarre when you think about it!

    What we are currently dealing with is deference to authority which is not always deserved, punishment of doctors who step outside of the party line, and persecution of anyone “unauthorised” who dares challenge the perceived order of things, like Calvin Harris appears to have done…especially publicly. And of course doctors and medical students are now being paid to use social media to spout rubbish, to stop the truth from getting out.

    I really like Forrest Maready’s humorous take on the subject:

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