Calvin Harris Drops Vaccine Truth Bombs To Millions Of Twitter Followers

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Calvin Harris dropped a series of truth bombs about vaccines on Twitter, defying Big Pharma by sharing real information about health.

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris dropped a series of truth bombs on Twitter this week, defying Big Pharma by sharing real information about health and vaccine safety with his millions of followers. 

Calvin Harris took to Twitter to criticize British Prime Minister Theresa May for walking out to his song This Is What You Came For at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, England. But in the end, he only ended up getting attention for feuding with a couple of doctors after he tweeted-then-deleted some health advice for “grey faced” Theresa May.

The Scottish 33-year-old DJ wrote:

Of course, Calvin Harris was quickly attacked by trolls determined to shoot down his health advice.

Dispensing holistic health advice on social media is a minefield, as many well-intentioned people can attest.

But the experience did not dissuade Calvin Harris, who has over 12 million Twitter followers, from continuing his crusade to educate the masses.

On Thursday, Calvin argued with another doctor over the toxicity of vaccines, even providing receipts and government reports to prove his argument. See the entire exchange (below)





Of course, the sight of a DJ handing out common-sense health advice to millions of followers was enough to send the GP into a frenzy, and she unleashed a series of personal, patronizing insults in his direction. How dare he suggest to his millions of followers that they should research the ingredients in vaccines themselves, rather than rely on the government to tell them what is good for them! And how dare he suggest the body should be cleansed with healthy food!

These “conspiracy theories” are the type of dangerous thinking that could reduce Big Pharma’s profits!

In this case, I’ll take the DJ’s word over the GP’s biased statements. Why? Because I had personal observations and experience starting 40 years ago, and then started researching 35 years ago. And guess what? There are many doctors opposed to vaccinations, but there is a huge financial and political agenda which either plows them under or keeps them silent, or hides their words from the public.

It is in everybody’s interest to dig a little deeper. There are mountains and mountains of money-generated manure to clear away before you will find the truth on this subject. Vaccines are incredibly profitable to Big Pharma and the CDC.

Start by with looking up Del BigTree, the producer of “The Doctors,” who left the program (you simply cannot be opposed to the industry’s agenda on TV) to produce “VaXxed,” followed by Dr. Rachael Ross, who also departed the show to follow the truth.

The truth is out there, but you must actively search for it.

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