Ellen Caught Using ‘Fake Jesus Campos’ For TV Appearance

Fact checked
Ellen De Generes interviewed a fake Jesus Campos, the "hero" security guard from the Las Vegas shooting, on her show on Wednesday.

Facial ID recognition software suggests that the man who appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday was not Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos.

The Mandalay Bay “hero” security guard supposedly sat down for his one and only interview with Ellen on Wednesday – but viewers hoping for a real interview with Jesus Campos, or answers about the ever-changing official timeline of the massacre, were sorely disappointed.

Rather than hearing from the man involved in the shooting, we got a lookalike slurring his words and staring at the floor while Ellen provided the official narrative with some show business gloss, even pulling out a map and pointer to explain the latest incarnation of the official timeline to the skeptical public.

Facial recognition ID software has cast strong doubt on whether these two photos, supposedly both of Jesus Campos, taken within 8 days of each other, are of the same man.
How could Jesus have put on so much weight and changed his facial structure in one week?

When “Jesus Campos” went through his recollection of the night, Ellen did not press him to clarify some of the burning questions about the official timeline – such as whether he or hotel officials delayed calling police for six minutes after he was shot.

Despite Las Vegas being almost a Big Brother-like state thanks to the hotels’ supped up private security, police have changed the official timeline of the shooting not once but three times.

Daily Mail reports: According to the first timeline, Campos was shot by Paddock after he stopped shooting at the music festival across the street.

MGM, which owns the Mandalay bay, took issue with police when they revised the timeline last week – saying that Campos was shot before Paddock started shooting at the music festival, but that six minutes passed before police were first alerted to the shooting – insinuating that either Campos or the hotel delayed calling police.

Last week, security guard Jesus Campus scheduled interviews at all the major networks, but then cancelled at the last minute and mysteriously disappeared. He resurfaced on Tuesday when Ellen announced that he would be sitting down for an interview, which aired Wednesday afternoon.

During the interview, Ellen explained that Campos had decided to do just one interview because he doesn’t want to ‘relive’ the shooting.

But his choice to do that interview on Ellen was likely deliberate. The comedian-turned-talk-show-host is more known for her dancing and pranks on celebrities than hard-hitting interviews and difficult questions about serious issues.

But there is also a darker reason why Jesus Campos appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Ellen is sponsored by MGM Grand. MGM Grand owns Mandalay Bay. There are an Ellen-branded slot machines in MGM casinos.

Ellen was tasked by her paymasters with promoting the MGM version of the official timeline, in order to protect the corporation from litigation. Rather than telling the survivors and the public the truth about what happened on October 1, they are pushing a false narrative to save the company from paying out massive sums to survivors and families of the dead.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • This is the same stupid bullshit as 911. They don’t even try to make up a solid story because most Americans are too God damned stupid to even find their own asshole with both hands and a jar of Vaseline.

  1. yes i just saw that vid on facebook and my first idea was : is this the same guy ? never forget with these fu…g freemasons dumbs : bigger is better it goes

  2. They have different shape faces, different eyes, different ears, and different mouths. And his hair is combed over to try to imitate the hairline. He is much broader and heavier. He probably refused to go along with it, if he was even given the chance, but does the family talk then? This is just too obvious.

  3. He must have been hitting those famous Vegas buffets hot and heavy, because there’s about an eighty pound difference!

  4. Campos says he was alerted to Paddocks room by the sound of drilling.
    What time was that? That’s right. The concert was coming to a close.

    What was being drilled? A hole. Not completed per the Sheriff Lombardo in a presser.
    What was the hole for? Sheriff Lombardo guesses it was to install a camera or rifle.
    Location of the hole being drilled = From Paddocks room 32-135 with a broken window to “Hodge’s” room 32-134 with a broken window. Two separate rooms with an optional adjoining door. Hodge repeatedly states he was staying in 32-134 with a broken window.

    So why would Paddock be drilling a hole for either a camera or a rifle to look or shoot into the room that Hodge says he was staying in? And why was Paddock doing this at a time toward the end of the concert when he (logically) would have been aiming 20 guns on the crowd below?

  5. the maintenance man story change and was added to big time ..i did his word for word ..and how he could see Campos was shot is nuts when Campos didnt even know he was shot him self till he lifted his pant leg .. what calls was these two guys on before all this went down with the maintenance man being one floor above and compos a few floors below.they never said ..like to see the work sheet ..they just dont hang out on floors ..none of these story are adding up ..they were the only one to see or hear the shooting in the hall and to hear the drilling ..so we have to take their word for it …there suppose to be a woman in this now ..but no one is trying to interview her much less know who the hell she is …..

  6. The distance between the hairline and the eyebrows…no match. The ears don’t match. The guy on Ellen has asymmetrical nostrils, the other guy does not…no match again. Lip shape…no match. Not the same guy.

  7. Show us the 200 rounds embedded in the walls outside the room…. show us 800 shell casings. Show us some gunshot victims at the three nearest hospitals. Show us some bullets. Show us some real evidence. All LVPD has given up is a cock and bull story and a patsy.

  8. All you have to do is look at the actors faces. You don’t need facial recognition to identify a hoax or the actors. Another crock of treasonous sht

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