Facebook Bans All Christian Content, Labels Jesus ‘Fake News’

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Facebook begins banning all Christian content on the platform and calls Jesus 'fake news'

Facebook has announced that it will no longer allow Christian content to be posted to the platform and has begun adding a ‘fake news’ warning label to posts about Jesus Christ.

According to Blaze journalist Billy Hallowell, when he went to test out the new rules he was given a ‘hate speech’ warning by Facebook.

Hallowell, a Christian, attempted to exercise his religion freedom by posting the following message on his Facebook page: “Jesus died so you could live.”

However, despite his post reflecting one of Christianity’s core beliefs, his post was deleted by Facebook and he was accused of spreading “hate speech.”

When Hallowell attempted to appeal to Facebook, they wrote back confirming that Christianity and Jesus now goes against their community guidelines.

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Slaynews.com reports: Hallowell posted the comment on Facebook around April 2.

He posted his Christian message around Easter time, making the statement more pertinent.

But the post quickly got flagged for allegedly violating the community hate speech policy.

He then received a warning that it could be “reviewed.”

At that point, the punishment that Facebook’s censoring machine thought fit the “crime” was to make the post invisible to anyone but the author.

After the post was reviewed by a Facebook moderator, the crackdown became more severe.

The post was deleted altogether after an “appeal.”

“Your appeal was reviewed,” claimed Facebook.

“We are unable to show content that goes against our community standards on hate speech.”

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