Target Hires a Satanist To Design Children’s ‘Pride’ Clothing Line

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Target’s recent LGBTQI+ Pride-themed clothing line for children was designed by a self-confessed Satan worshipper who claims “Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love.”

Abprallen, a British brand headed by a self-proclaimed gay, transgender man known as “Erik,” per the website, has had a collaboration in the works with Target for roughly a year.

The Abprallen collection includes a sweatshirt that proclaims “cure transphobia not trans people,” a tote bag that says “too queer for here,” and a messenger pack that states “we belong everywhere.”

The children’s fashion designer has a long history of creating Satanic influenced designs including the phrase “Satan loves you,” and marketing a “trans witches for abortion” pin, according to the designer’s own Instagram page.

Abprallen’s other clothing designs feature images of pentagrams, horned skulls, and references to devils. “Satan respects pronouns,” reads one previous design, featured on T-shirts and pins. These items have even been known to be sold at London’s Satanic Flea Market during December, which the brand promoted on its social media.

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“Being called a demon is something I can cope with, and the idea of a trans demon is pretty damn cool,” said the designer, who explained that his work is designed to appeal to young children by using child-like and bright colors.

“Most of my work focusses on gothic or dark and satanic imagery juxtaposed with bright colors and LGBT+ positive messages.”

Reflecting upon one of his designs for children, the designer admitted the influence of Baphomet and claimed the demon’s influence and non-binary status is “perfect” for children.

“I went with a variation of Baphomet for this design, a deity who themself is a mixture of genders, beings, ideas, and existences. They reject binary stereotypes and expectations. Perfect.”

Target did not respond to The People’s Voice’s request for comment.

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